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Three Sea Shepherd Activists Injured in Clash with Whalers

  The news: Reportedly, 3 sea shepherd activists(or whale warriors) have been injured in a clash with Japanese whalers. “The Japanese whalers have escalated their aggression by throwing iron grappling hooks at Sea Shepherd boats,” the Sea Shepherd team writes. “Two Steve Irwin crew were struck in the shoulder with iron grappling hooks and one crewmember was

3 Whale Warriors to be Released from Japanese Whaling Ship

  If you haven’t heard, three anto-whaling activists, or whale warriors, were ‘taken captive’ by Japanese whalers after boarding the Shonan Maru 2 several days ago are supposedly to be released. The Australian activists from Forest Rescue — Geoffrey Owen Tuxworth, Simon Peterffy, and Glen Pendlebury — were facing trial and possible imprisonment in Japan for

Sea Shepherd Vessel Severely Damaged by Rogue Wave

Whilst in pursuit of the Japanese whaling fleet, the Sea Shepherd scout vessel Brigitte Bardot was struck by a rogue wave on December 28, 2011, severely damaging the hull and detaching the port side pontoon. Since then, the Steve Irwin moved to intercept the Brigitte Bardot and is now escorting it back to Fremantle, Australia,

Sea Shepherd Activists Getting Ready to Take on Whale Hunters

  The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which includes some of the most well-known activists on the planet, is getting ready for its 8th Antarctic expedition to stop the Japanese whaling fleet from killings whales in the Southern Ocean. Sea Shepherd succeeded in making the Japanese cut their whale hunting expedition short last year, one in

Activism News (Weekly Round-Up)

Below are some top green activism and animal activism stories of the week (3 of the stories include or are about the 3 videos above). For more activism news, check out our own Activism stories here on Planetsave.

Whale Wars' Paul Watson Video Interview — "Arrest Me or Shut Up" (& Calls Greenpeace Activists Cowards)

From his earlier days at Greenpeace to his current efforts with the show “Whale Wars” in Libyan waters, Paul Watson has focused on direct action that not only attracts eyes but gets results. In this short interview with NYTimes’ Andy Revkin, Watson speaks about his strategy compared to current-day Greenpeace’s — intervening in illegal whaling, not protesting it (and doesn’t refrain from calling Greenpeace activists cowards!).

'Whale Wars' Stars — Sea Shepherd Crew — Headed into Libyan Waters

We’ve written about the adventures of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society probably over a dozen times here on Planetsave. It is a leading environmental and animal activism organization that has achieved some great successes. And there’s one thing quite obvious to most who follow them — they are willing to go where most won’t and take risks most wouldn’t dream of.

Sea Shepherd Wins? [Update + Video]

Jeremy Bloom of our sister site Red, Green, and Blue reported yesterday on Japanese whalers’ apparent retreat in the middle of this year’s whaling season, and shared the news here on Planetsave as well. It is still unclear if the hunting season is finished or only suspended, but there is strong indication that it is

Victory at sea: Japan suspends antarctic whaling

Good news from the high seas: After repeated run-ins with the anti-whaling Sea Shepherd Society that have prevented its whaling fleet from a successful hunt, Japan’s government announced it is suspending whaling, possibly for the rest of the season. Whaling was banned under an international agreement in 1986, but Japan has exploited a loophole in the

Victory at sea: Japan suspends antarctic whaling

Good news from the high seas: After repeated run-ins with the anti-whaling Sea Shepherd Society that have prevented its whaling fleet from a successful hunt, Japan’s government announced it is suspending whaling, possibly for the rest of the season. Whaling was banned under an international agreement in 1986, but Japan has exploited a loophole in the

Top 30 Planetsave Posts of 2010

I know, you are extremely curious to find out which posts on Planetsave got the most views in 2010. I was too. Here they are, the top 30. Did you read them all? 30. Amazon River (10 Friday Photos) People love pretty pictures, (especially of the Amazon). 29. Top Environmental Organizations in the United States (7 Green

Whale Wars Continuing on Animal Planet, Chance to be a "Whale Warrior"

I think our readers are quite familiar with Whale Wars. From prior to the Whale Wars first season premiere to Japan accusing Animal Planet of ecoterrorism to whale-sized marshmallows to Japanese whalers sinking a $2 million Sea Shepherd boat to exclusive interviews, we’ve covered Whale Wars in a ton of posts, several of which have been

Annual Quota of Bluefin Tuna Caught in 1 Week

Industrial fishing fleets can catch fish in numbers unimaginable to fishermen a few decades ago. The capabilities are more than unimaginable, though. They are also unsustainable. With bluefin tuna on the brink of extinction, fishing quotas are set for these giants of the sea in the European Union. But annual quotas can be caught in

Japanese Whalers Sink Sea Shepherd's $2 Million New Boat [Photos]

All six crew on board the Ady Gil, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s high-speed intercepting vessel, are safe, but the fate of the boat is in doubt after a collision with a Japanese harpoon vessel left it disabled off the coast of Antarctica. Anti-whaling activists, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, made famous in the Animal Planet

Whale-Sized Marshmallows Deployed to Thwart Japanese Whalers

Just Born — the makers of Marshmallow Peeps — says they’ll be producing whale-shaped, and whale-sized, Marshmallow Peeps in an effort to end Japanese whaling. [social_buttons] The Peep-maker said the joint effort is between Darryl Hannah, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Greenpeace, and that they are uniting under the moniker PEEP: People for Everything

Sea Shepherd Bomb Threat Phoned in By Drunk Fisherman

A while back we posted about a bomb threat against the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s ship, the Steve Irwin. Well, the mystery has been solved: a drunk fisherman called in the threat on his cell phone from his ship across the harbor. [social_buttons] Kenneth James Archer admitted to calling in the threat because of a

Activists Prepare to Document the Killing as Seal Hunt Begins

Humane Society Canada has sent a representative to the Gulf of St. Lawrence to document and broadcast the commercial killing of over 300,000 young seals beginning today. Rebecca Aldworth, who has attended the seal hunt for 11 years in a row, has arrived in the area. She will photograph the scene and send live updates

Police Warn Sea Shepherd Crew of Potential Bomb Threat

The five Sea Shepherd crew members on board the Steve Irwin found Tasmanian police back at their ship a few weeks after they had confiscated all their video material from the latest campaign. But this time, the police arrived to protect the crew. [social_buttons] “Someone called in a bomb threat about 20 minutes ago, stating

Major UK Supermarkets Boycott Companies Linked to Whaling

Two British supermarket chains will ensure that none of the seafood products they carry will be supplied by companies that support or engage in whaling or the hunting of other sea mammals. [social_buttons] Waitrose, one of the two stores, has already written to the Icelandic government asking them to reverse their decision to allow an

Australian Police Confiscate Sea Shepherd Video Footage

Things turned bad for Sea Shepherd when they arrived back to port in Tasmania today. They were greeted by Australian federal police who boarded the Steve Irwin ship with a warrant. [social_buttons] They confiscated “all edited and raw video footage, all edited and raw audio recordings, all still photographs, producer’s notes, interview transcripts, production meeting

Iceland's New Government to Keep Increase in Whaling Quota

Contrary to previous reports, Iceland’s new government announced that they will keep the controversial increased whaling quota that the outgoing Fisheries Minister enacted last month, just one day before leaving office. [social_buttons] Steingrimur J Sigfusson, Iceland’s new Fisheries Minister, said that the country will keep the whaling quota, but added that whalers should not expect

Propagandhi: Donate to Sea Shepherd, Download Our Music

The longstanding and notoriously outspoken punk outfit Propagandhi has released their new two-track single as a high-quality download for fans who donate $1 to $10 to Sea Shepherd, PETA2, or Partners in Health. [social_buttons] The two songs, “Supporting Caste” on the A-side and “Human(e) Meat” on the B-side, come from their upcoming new record. The

Is Canada's Gray Seal Hunt Cancelled Due to Lack of Demand?

Thousands of gray seals could be spared particularly brutal deaths this year because sealers have been unable to find a buyer for the pelts. [social_buttons] This news comes as the European Union considers a ban on all seal products, an action which some think drove typical pelt buyers to rethink their purchase this year. Multiple

Sea Shepherd Cuts Campaign Short Due to Escalating Violence

Sea Shepherd announced today that they have decided to give up their Operation Musashi campaign against the Japanese whaling fleet for this season, citing the whalers’ increasingly violent and dangerous tactics in the Antarctic. “I have said always said that we would do everything we can short of hurting people to end illegal whaling in

Japanese Throw Bloody Whale Blubber at Sea Shepherd

The Sea Shepherd crew reports that the Japanese whaling fleet managed to kill one whale today, even in the midst of a hot pursuit from the anti-whaling ship, the Steve Irwin. [social_buttons] Captain Paul Watson deployed his two small boats to the Nisshin Maru, the whaling fleet’s factory ship, where crew members threw “rotten butter

Whalers Fend Off Sea Shepherd with Hi-Tech Acoustic Weapons

Sea Shepherd, the controversial direct-action anti-whaling group featured on Animal Planet’s Whale Wars, is currently facing retaliation from the Japanese whaling ships in the form of what Sea Shepherd calls a “military grade weapon system that sends out mid to high frequency sound waves designed to disorient and possibly incapacitate personnel.” [social_buttons] If their description

Iceland To Increase Illegal Killing of Endangered Fin Whales

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling for a complete economic boycott of Icelandic products after the country’s announcement extending their illegal commercial whaling campaign into the next five years. [social_buttons] Last year, Iceland killed nine endangered Fin whales. A few months back they began exporting the meat from the endangered whales to Japan, which

Secret Whaling Commission Deal Could Increase Japan’s Quota

Under a secret deal brokered between the six nations of the International Whaling Commission, Japan could be able to increase its whaling quota in the Northern Pacific Ocean in exchange for an agreement to slowly cut all its operations in the antarctic. However, Greenpeace and other environmental groups are furious over the deal because it

Australia Denies Japan's Request, Allows Sea Shepherd to Dock

Japan had requested a port closure from Australia that would ban Sea Shepherd from their ports, claiming that the anti-whaling group should be treated like pirates due to their aggressive tactics. [social_buttons] “The Steve Irwin will be permitted to dock at an Australian port,” said Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard. “There is insufficient reason to

Whalers Refuse Help from Sea Shepherd to Find Man Overboard

After a man fell from a Japanese whaling ship into the freezing antarctic waters, the whalers have called off all operations while in search for the man’s body. [social_buttons] Sea Shepherd, usually the arch nemesis of the whalers, offered to help find the body with their two small boats and helicopter, but the Japanese refused

Sheepdogs Enlisted to Guard Dwindling Penguin Colony

Conservationists have brought in two Maremmas sheepdogs to watch over a small colony of fairy penguins on Australia’s Middle Island. The effort has been so successful that Middle Island is recommending sheepdogs be used to protect other endangered species across the globe. [social_buttons] “We are now starting to see some great results,” said Middle Island

Sea Shepherd Activists Spray Whaling Ship With Rotten Butter

[social_buttons] Anti-whaling activists aboard the Sea Shepherd vessel ‘Steve Irwin’ have covered a whaling ship with a smelly cocktail of rotten butter, methyl cellulose and indelible dye. The unconventional sliming operation was carried out in a bid to intimidate the Japanese whaler, Kaiko Maru, into moving out of Australian Antarctic territorial waters. According to Peter

Ready for Season 2? Over 1 Million Watched Whale Wars Finale

The December 19th season finale of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars drew a 0.8 Nielsen Media Research household rating with 1.01 million viewers. [social_buttons] The show performed better among adults ages 25 to 54 than any show in the network’s history. An average of 529,000 adults in the age group tuned into the season premiere, probably

Greenpeace vs. Sea Shepherd: An Unfortunate Conflict

Greenpeace issued a lengthy statement on their website in an attempt to further distance themselves from Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd yesterday. With an aim at setting the record straight, Greenpeace made the statement out of frustration with what it claims are lies and falsehoods propagated by Watson, compounded by a general public misconception that

Sea Shepherd Now has Former US Navy Lieutenant Onboard

We’ve covered Sea Shepherd and their new television show “Whale Wars” quite a bit the past couple months, and while we love the organization and the show, we must admit that we cringe every time they make a disastrous mistake on the TV show. But things are looking brighter for the next season, being filmed

Japan Plans to Arrest Sea Shepherd Crew

The announcement by Japan’s Fisheries Agency that Sea Shepherd crew will be arrested if they disrupt Japanese whale killing operations has done little to stop the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The direct action animal rights organization, as seen on Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars”, says they are “undettered” by the threats. [social_buttons] “When you are willing

Canada Ignores Rescue Option, Kills 500 Endangered Narwhals

The Canadian government opted last week to allow the killing 500 narwhals trapped beneath ice rather than calling in icebreakers to free the animals, claiming the process would have been too stressful for the whales. [social_buttons] Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and star of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars, wrote a lengthy

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