Solar Corona, Highest Resolution Images Ever Taken Just Released

The highest-resolution images ever taken of the Sun’s corona were just released by NASA. The solar corona is the million-degree or so outer atmosphere. The 16-megapixel images, taken in the extreme-ultraviolet wavelength of light, were captured by NASA’s High Resolution Coronal Imager, or Hi-C, which was launched on a sounding rocket on July 11th. The

'Monster' Sunspot Appears, Powerful Solar Storms Expected

   [UPDATED May 11, 2012 – M-Class solar flares; see below] NASA scientists are calling it a “monster sunspot” and its size is calculated to be 60,000 miles (100,000 km) from end to end. The huge sunspot comprises most of Active Region (AR) 1476, which rotated into view this weekend. Images of the region were picked

Sun Erupts With Two Massive X-Class Solar Flares (VIDEOS)

[UPDATE: March 10, 2012; see below] Late yesterday morning, two massive X-class solare flares erupted form our sun’s surface. These are amongst the most powerful class of ‘solar storm’. One of these flares ranked an X 5.4 which makes it the most powerful flare so far this year, and one of the most powerful in

Giant Sun Spot Turns Toward Earth – More Large Flares Possible (VIDEO)

Active Region (AR) 1302 is slowly coming into position where it directly faces the Earth. The region contains a “behemoth” sunspot — several times larger than the Earth — named sunspot 1302.

The sunspot has already been the source of two ‘X-class’ solar flares (‘X’ signifying the most extreme known); the first, measuring an X1.4, on September 22, and the second, an X1.9, coming just three days later on Sept. 24. Are more X-class flares on the way, and on their way towards Earth?

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