Fixing The Unseen Infrastructure: The Value Of Water

The Value of Water Coalition hosted an in-depth conversation at the Newseum in Washington DC on the current condition of water infrastructure in the United States, the consequences of letting leaky and failing systems worsen, and solutions to water challenges of today and tomorrow. Our water infrastructure systems, a matter of pride for over a

Beliefs That Others' Beliefs are Changeable Are Key to World Peace, New Studies Find

Successful conflict resolution –especially long-standing conflicts — requires over-coming barriers to peace and compromise. Chief among these barriers are the intensely negative feelings and attitudes towards the ‘other’; there is a natural and pervasive belief shared by both sides in a conflict: that the other group’s beliefs are fixed and inflexible (Kelman, 2007). However, direct

Running Out of P ? – World Nearing Peak Phosphorus

It seems we always take the most basic things for granted. With regards to adequate water, air, and soil (things we assume will always be there) we are gradually becoming more mindful of them, and their limits. But how many of us are worried about phosphorus (P) running out? Well, lately, more and more agricultural

Large Species More Susceptible to Environmental Change

A new study has found that large predators are more at risk of being adversely affected by environmental change, such as over-hunting and habitat change, because compared to smaller animals they have to work harder to find their next meal. The scientists from Durham University and the Zoological Society of London published their research in

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