New 'Sustainability Index' Alters World Order – U.S. Ranks Low

The UN’s Human Development Index (HDI) is an international “score card” which ascribes each national measured a single number (or ranking) that is an average of multiple metrics reflecting national policies and societal conditions such as education rate, employment, social security, life expectancy, literacy, gender equality, cultural development, innovation, economic mobility, etc. The HDI rankings

Money Does "Buy" Happiness, Up to A Point

According to a report that analyzed 450,000 responses from 151 nations, personal income is indeed related strongly to two categories of subjective experience:  “life evaluation” and “emotional well-being“…but only up to an annual income of 75, 000.00. Beyond that level, subjective reporting of emotional well-being and “positive affect” do not change. Researchers sought to quantify

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