Towing Icebergs For Water… Seriously (VIDEO)

I first heard about the idea of towing icebergs for water a couple years ago when one of our writers covered the potential water crisis solution. The idea came from an engineer named Georges Mougin back in the 1970s. The idea was that towing icebergs for water for those suffering from severe droughts could be a cost

Canadian Solar Sells 4 PV Power Plants For $217 Million in Ontario

BluEarth Renewables has purchased four solar photovoltaic plants from Canadian Solar. BluEarth Renewables is based in Canada. The power plants were 38.5 MWac. They were part of the Ontario pipeline, which was said to be valued at $1.45 billion. It is called AC power (MWac) )because PV solar power plants have a DC and AC power output.

Vegan Body Builder and Fitness Trainer Lisa Koehn Interview

(This content originally appeared on Healthfooddaily.com.) Lisa Koehn is a vegan bodybuilder and fitness trainer based in Hawaii. She kindly agreed to answer some questions about her training and diet. 1. What did your diet used to be, and what is it now? I was born and raised in the Midwest, so it was meat,

Eggs & Cigarettes Similarly Linked To Atherosclerosis (VIDEO)

NutritionFacts.org recently shared the video below regarding some recent studies related to the health effects of egg consumption, with this intro line: “A similar exponential increase in carotid artery plaque buildup was found for smokers and egg eaters.” Before sharing the video, though, here’s the catchy reddit title that led me to the post: “Last

After Ever After Viral Video Has Green Gene (Video)

Brand new viral video “After Ever After” from Paint just popped onto my radar. After two days, the video has almost 1.5 million views. I decided to check it out for basically two reasons: 1) I was curious what might be the next big, big thing (following Gangnam Style & Harlem Shake), and 2) the

Trainsforming America (Environmental Film Festival Series)

Train Commute Haiku #559: Your North Face parka Leads me to believe you’re on A grand adventure Continuing on with PlanetSave’s coverage of a recent Environmental Film Festival in Florida, here’s a post on the new documentary Trainsforming America: Trainsforming America — New Documentary A new film, Trainsforming America, takes a look at passenger rail

Share & Swap Online Gathering Place For Crafters & DIYers

One of our sister sites, Crafting a Green World, has just launched a “share & swap” online gathering place. I think this could be super useful for green crafters and DIYers, so passing along the info. Here’s the full press release: After years of planning and months of development, Crafting a Green World officially launches its brand

Google Invests $200 Million In Texas Wind Project

  Google, which has a history of investing plenty in large-scale renewable energy projects, just announced that it has invested $200 million in a Texan wind power project. The project is called the Spinning Spur Wind Project, which is a 161MW wind farm that was originally built by EDF Renewable Energy. It is powered by 70 2.3MW

The Future Of The World (Funny Cartoon)

Funny cartoon. And certainly true. Here’s some more information on human-caused species extinctions, deforestation and agricultural failure, human-caused climate change, and ocean acidification for those interested. Happy Holidays

Big Tsunami Changed Caribbean Ecosystem 3,300 Years Ago

  A new analysis of sediments from the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean makes a convincing case for a tsunami dating back 3,300 years, one that had a massive impact on the island’s ecosystem. Scientists studied sediments that suggested the tsunami had entirely changed the coastal ecosystem and sedimentation patterns in the area. The

Gratitude Has Many Benefits (& Thank You!)

  First off, a huge thanks to you wonderful Planetsave readers! I think I can speak for all of our writers today in saying that we greatly appreciate you and your ongoing support. 😀 And for a little bit of “Thanksgiving fun,” check out this cool infographic on the benefits of gratitude (I’m sure there

Mount Doom Likely to Erupt Soon

The volcano that was featured as Mount Doom for the Lord of the Rings trilogy is causing the New Zealand Department of Conservation some angst, with department measurements indicating the increasing likelihood that Ruapehu will erupt. Subsequently, the Department of Conservation issued a warning to climbers and trampers in the region, recommending that they do not

Siemens Wind Turbine Video Rocks It — Old School Style

  Siemens is one of the top wind turbine producers in the world, so of course it has a bit of interest in glamorizing wind power, but the bottom line is that wind power really is worth glamorizing. Wind power is cheap (the cheapest form of new electricity in many or even most places). Obviously,

Best Environment Infographic Ever

  Seriously. This is the best environment infographic ever. Politicians and oil companies might waste time debating whether or not we’ve reached peak oil. What they ignore is that we run out completely in under 40 years’ time, by which time a third of the planet’s biodiversity will be lost. In the meantime, tantalum, that great

Obama Wins Election, Full Victory Speech (Video & Text)

  I imagine you aren’t just hearing from me that Obama won the election, but if you are, I’m happy to be the one bringing you the news!! 😀 If you’d like to read or watch Obama’s full victory speech, here it is in text (courtesy Red, Green, and Blue) and video (courtesy C-SPAN): “Thank

Romney Wants To Get Rid Of Disaster Relief, Seriously

  Yep, one of the two possible-to-get-elected candidates for president of the United States of America wants to get rid of federal disaster relief. He wants to privatize it! Which would basically mean that you’d have to pay for help in disaster situations (nevermind if that’s not really an option for some people or places).

Elephant Song from Planetsave Reader: "Standing As One"

  Here’s a nice video of and song about elephants, courtesy of one of our great Planetsave readers/musicians. Here’s more information on the video from the musician who contacted us, Jan Schnell: With the help of some top Danish musicians, I have made a music video tribute to the African Elephant. It is a positive

The World’s Greenest Cities (Infographic)

  The folks over at HouseTrip, which is a holiday rental site, have taken their expertise and created an infographic showing the top greenest cities in the world. These eco-friendly cites were judged on everything from tree planting to water usage. Six cities where selected, including; London, New York, Vancouver, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Stockholm. Among the

Moving Away From Fuel-Based Cars

  Petrol-based vehicles have been the backbone of motoring for many decades. When we think of cars, we think of petrol-based cars by default. Yet, everything must come to an end. With more modern alternatives, it seems the days of the purely petrol-based car are at their end. Whilst petrol, as a fuel source, is

Planetsave Art: Species on the Brink of Extinction

  One of our totally awesome readers (Jason Chua) recently created some beautiful pieces of art for our site. They are below, and below them is a very elegantly written note on the work, from Jason. (By the way, if you want to check out more of Jason’s stuff, go to his Behance page.) From

OPIC to Invest in South African Solar Power

  The Board of Directors of the US Government’s development finance institution, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), has approved up to $250 million for the agency’s first solar power project in South Africa. The 60-megawatt plant located in Boshoff in South Africa’s Free State province will help push the country beyond a dependency on coal

$1.5 Billion for New Wind Power in Japan

  Several Japanese companies, such as JFE Steel, Hitachi, Toshiba, Sumitomo Electric Industries, and Toa Corporation, are investing in offshore wind energy to the tune of $1.5 billion dollars. They are funding the development of a 300-MW offshore wind farm, which may be located in the Kyushu region of southwestern Japan. The Japanese government wants to

Fossil Fuels & Global Warming Lead to Truly Extreme Weather

  This was recently reposted over on CleanTechnica, from the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE), but I thought it made for a great Planetsave repost as well. It was written by SACE Executive Director Dr. Stephen Smith. The lead-in video is from the insightful and super talented Peter Sinclair. Check it out: “Welcome to the rest of

31,000 MW of Solar Potential Identified by Dept. of Interior and BLM

  The Department of the Interior, working with the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Energy have identified solar energy development potential in six  Western states in seventeen different areas. These areas are: Arizona 663 MW — Brenda and Gillespie California 17,070 MW — Imperial East and Riverside East Colorado 1812 MW — Antonito Southeast,

London Olympics Zero-Waste Pledge

  The London Olympics apparently has a zero-waste pledge. Yep, it plans to host one of the biggest events on the planet without sending anything to the landfill. Pretty astounding. Who knew? “To achieve this rather lofty eco-goal, all packaging used to put on the games will be color-coded to match color-coded trash bins,” Take

Texas to Be Home to Largest US Solar Municipal Project

  OCI Solar Power and CPS Energy have just signed a deal to build the largest municipal utility solar project in the US. The project will be over 400 MW in size. In addition, it will create over 800 long-term jobs and “drive an estimated $700 million in economic impact each year.” “As part of its plan, OCI

Veganism & the Environment (Infographic)

  We’ve covered the benefits of going vegetarian or vegan many times here on Planetsave, but I don’t think we could cover it too many times. Here’s a wonderful infographic on “veganism and the environment” that someone from the infographic company that made this for Culinary Schools:

Monday Music Break: Planet No No

  I received this video above from one of our readers on our Planetsave Facebook page a couple weeks ago. Love this music! Can’t say that I understand the point of the video, but maybe with a few watches I’d get it. Definitely a fan of the music and singing though, so thought it made

Music Break Monday: Mr Rogers — Garden of Your Mind

  I’m stealing this great “Music Break” idea from Climate Denial Crock of the Week, and actually got this first video from that site (link above). I loved Mr Rogers as a kid, and I think this video shows some of the reasons why — he encouraged imagination, intellectual exploration, curiosity, beauty, friendliness, examining and

Save the Rhino Song (Music Video)

  One of our Facebook fans recently dropped us this music video he created. As you can see, it’s focused on the rhino, and efforts to save this precious species. Enjoy! (Except for the very sad pictures of mutilated rhinos.) And share!

Solar Energy News Roundup

  Been feeling like we need to get a little more “save” going in our posts to live up to our “Planetsave” theme. With solar power being one of the very top solutions to numerous environmental and climate crises, and with sister site CleanTechnica being a top site for solar energy news, been thinking of

Surfin' Dog (& Beach Boys)

  I meant to post this video of a surfing and skateboarding and snowboarding dog a long time ago. Unfortunately, I never got to it. But a friend recently shared the video with me on email, so I’m now finally getting around to it! If you haven’t seen this yet, or even if you have,

Environmental Music Film: Mountaintop Women

  Our good friend Kristen Farquhar has released her latest Environmental Music Film (EMF). It’s on the topic of mountaintop women and mountaintop removal coal mining. Here it is, followed by the description from the YouTube page: “Appalachian women and men unite to stop mountaintop removal. The history of the divine feminine is brought to

How Biodiversity Loss is Like LeBron James & The Miami Heat

I saw this posted on Climate Central a few days ago and passed on reposting it. But, with Miami’s big win in Boston and the 7th game in the series happening tonight (go, Miami!), I finally thought I’d repost this one. It’s a great analogy and drives home a very important point. Check it out

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Italy, At Least 6 Dead

A powerful 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck northern Italy just after 4am today. The epicenter was about 22 miles north of Bologna. It was felt throughout northern Italy, and aftershocks have been continuing. At least 6 people are reported dead, with at least another 60 reported injured. The same area had previously been struck by a

Consumed (Movie Trailer)

  I saw this last year when it was published but I apparently didn’t post on it here on Planetsave (surprisingly). But one of the creators of the film, Richard Heap of Slackjaw Film, recently contacted me about the movie, so I’m sharing it now. The film is called “Consumed – Inside the Belly of the Beast” and

Cell Phone Addiction (Infographic)

  Someone recently shared a rather interesting infographic with me — it’s titled “Your Cell Phone Is Killing You” and makes some pretty interesting points and includes a lot of interesting facts. Take a look:

Climate Science Weekly Research Roundup

  Ari Jokimäki recently published one of his regular roundups of climate science research news. Since you probably haven’t seen many (or any) of these stories in the mainstream media, I’m reposting the roundup here in full. The post is from AGW Observer (via Skeptical Science). Enjoy! by Ari Jokimäki Wouldn’t it be nice to

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