Abused Subtropical Rainforest Thrives Again

The threatened Gondwana Rainforests of Australia (source: environment.nsw.gov.au‬). Sadly, we hear too much about the logging, clearing, and obliteration of earth’s rainforests, and about the global repercussions, including climate change. Here’s a story about rainforest rejuvenation, albeit on a small scale. From Germaine Greer, the Australian author of White Beech: The Rainforest Years: “This is

Weather Extremes Could be a Growing Trend for Northern Australia

Northern Australia has suffered its fair share of trials and tribulations these past few months, with floods burying huge swathes of Queensland under water only to be hit by one of the most powerful cyclones ever to hit the country. Extreme rain events such as these may be a growing trend though, according to new

La Nina to Blame for Extreme Weather Events

It won’t come as a big surprise, but La Niña – or “the girl” in Spanish – is to blame for recent extreme weather events that have taken place in Africa and Australia. Scientists at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI), part of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, expect “moderate-to-strong” La Niña conditions

Cyclone Yasi Satellite Imagery

Cyclone Yasi has hit and devastated communities in Queensland, and the storm continues to move, believed to be heading south into New South Wales and Victoria. The University of Leicester has provided satellite footage of the storm moving in, as well as satellite photography. For a full idea of what has hit Australia following the

Tropical Cyclone Yasi Bears Down on Queensland

After months of rain, flooding, lives lost and weeks now of starting to rebuild after the recent inundation, Queenslanders are facing the brunt of tropical cyclone Yasi, seen below in an image captured by NASA’s Aqua satellite as it makes landfall near Cairns. On Feb. 2 at 03:35 UTC/1:35 p.m. Australia local time, the Moderate

La Nina to Continue through First Quarter of 2011

A report from the UN’s weather agency, the World Meteorological Organization, has reported that the current La Nina event will last through the first quarter of 2011, and possibly into the second quarter. However, the report noted that “the strength of the event is likely to decrease during the course of the coming 4 months.”

Who Gets the Blame for the Queensland Floods?

Residents of Queensland’s flood hit communities have been returning to their homes to find devastation, and to begin the long process of cleaning and rebuilding. At least 31 have died, with an additional 40 currently listed as missing. Already there are claims of governmental mismanagement, and blame is being heavily laid at the feet of

Flooding in Brisbane Suburbs

This detailed astronaut photograph illustrates flooding in suburbs of the Brisbane, Australia metropolitan region. The Brisbane area experienced catastrophic flooding following unusually heavy rainfall on January 10, 2011. With surficial soils already saturated from previous rainfall events, eastward-draining surface flow caused the Brisbane River to flood—inundating an estimated 20,000 homes in suburbs of the capital

Strongest La Nina in 50 Years Wreaks Havoc in Australia

My home is Australia, and I woke up this morning to hear that 8 people were dead and another 72 currently missing, with the death toll expected to rise, as floodwaters sweep through the north of our country. “There’s no doubt that we are now in a very different sort of disaster,” said Australian prime

Toowoomba Flood Washes Away Cars

Amazing footage of the East Creek on Monday the 10th of January, washing cars downstream as if they’re little toys. And make sure you watch this video of an amazing rescue in the midst of the raging floodwaters.

Queensland Floods in Photos

Here are some photos that people have put up on the internet for people to see, and understand just what is going on in Queensland, Australia, as the floodwaters continue to rush through and rise. Kingbob86 lordphantom74 robstephaustralia kingbob86

Man Who Killed Emu 'For Christmas Lunch' Fined Paltry $2,500

[social_buttons] A man who stabbed an Emu to death ‘because he wanted to eat it for Christmas lunch’ has been fined almost A$4,000 (US$2,500) for animal cruelty. An Australian court heard that, two days before Christmas, Patrick James Andrews, 23, crept into the Emu enclosure at Alexandra zoo in south-east Queensland, where he repeatedly stabbed

Pesticides Cause Thousands of Fish to be Born With Two Heads

Water contamination by toxic chemicals appears to be the cause of a mutation which resulted in the deaths of thousands of bass larvae in Australia. The two headed fish survived a mere 48 hours before dying off en masse. Dr. Matt Landos of the Australian College of Veterinarian Sciences specializes in aquatic animals, and says

Solar Power to Electrify Remote Australian Town

It’s sunny and hot in Cloncurry, Australia, so much so that the Queensland government is planning construction of a $7 million solar thermal power station to provide the community of under 5000 with 24 hour a day electricity. Anna Bligh, the Premier of Queensland, announced the town will be powered by a 10-megawatt plant using

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