PSA Group Gets Into Electrification Game

First published on EV Obsession. The PSA Group, which includes Peugeot and Citroen, has revealed its electric vehicle (EV) roadmap by creating a dedicated unit called the Low Emission Vehicles Business Unit. What does this mean for Peugeot concretely? PSA Gets Serious About EVs In a nutshell, the Low Emission Vehicles Business Unit will be

Public Urination Commercials: One Way to Stop Vehicle Idling [VIDEO]

This is one way to get attention for a very serious but often ignored issue (i.e. vehicle idling) β€” create a commercial equating it to public urination. [social_buttons] Vehicle idling is responsible for countless emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. It is also completely useless much of the time, people just don’t think or

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