Keystone Pipeline Opposition Grows Nationwide: Protesters Storm TransCanada's Offices In Texas, Wisconsin, Massachusetts

  Protesters yesterday mounted joint occupations of TransCanada’s corporate offices in at least three cities as the increasing protests against the Keystone “Tar Sands” Pipeline escalated into more public, direct confrontations. Various reports confirm 50 to 100 people ‘stormed’ the Houston offices of the giant Canadian oil company, utilizing street-theater tactics such as hanging orange

Upcoming Green Events & Conferences

First and foremost, I would like to mention September 24, 2011 and Moving Planet! It’s time to get away from dirty energy. Join in on an already organized event or start one of your own! More info can be found including the events nearest you, at the Moving Planet website.

Hundreds Arrested (Including Me) in DC: The Protest Against the Keystone XL Pipeline and Why the Uproar

Ending only September the 3rd, a group is planned to protest every day for two weeks, and more than 2100 people have signed up. Already, an estimated 222 people have been arrested, 65 on Saturday, 45 on Sunday, 52 on Monday and 60 on Tuesday, including Canadian actors Margot Kidder (best known as Lois Lane in four of the original Superman movies) and Tantoo Cardinal (indigenous actor best known for her roles in Legends of the Fall, Dances with Wolves, and Smoke Signals).

G20 Meeting in London to Face Huge Protests, Climate Camp

The G20 will meet next week in London, and while police are bracing for clamoring anti-globalization and climate change protests, organizers say all the planned events will be peaceful. [social_buttons] While the failures of the banking system will take the forefront (get used to hearing the phrase “Bankers are wankers”), organizers have also planned protests

Police Spray Water Cannons at World Water Forum Protesters

Apparently Turkish police have a biting sense of irony: they’ve sprayed protesters at the World Water Forum with high-pressured water cannons. [social_buttons] The forum, which occurs every three years, is supposed to focus on ways to eliminate water poverty across the globe, but protesters believe the forum takes a heavy-handed approach and supports construction of

Turkey Deports Two Activists for Protesting World Water Forum

Two peaceful protestors with the environmental nonprofit International Rivers were deported from Turkey today after revealing a banner reading “No Risky Dams” just before the conference was set to begin. [social_buttons] The forum, held every three years, discusses global challenges and solutions to the water crisis. International Rivers advocates alternatives to large dams, which flood

Month-Long Hunger Strike Stops Himalayan Dam Construction

A well-respected Indian scientist nearly died after a 38-day hunger strike in protest of construction on a hydropower dam on a tributary of the Ganges river. [social_buttons] AD Agarwal, a 77-year-old former professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi at Kanpur, began his strike last month when the Indian government refused to study the

10 Easy Ways to Be Labeled a "Terrorist" by the Government

[Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Will Potter, author of Green is the New Red.] [social_buttons] The FBI labels the environmental and animal rights movements the number one domestic terrorism threat. Those activists have never flown planes into buildings, taken hostages or sent anthrax through the mail. So how did they make it

Prominent Activist and Organizer Outed as FBI Informant

Brandon Darby, co-founder of Common Grounds, has publicly admitted to working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and being responsible for the arrest of two activists from Austin, Texas. On Monday he wrote an open letter in explanation of his actions, though the letter does not disclose many details. In the letter, Darby defends his

Aussie Activists Protest Government's Weak Climate Target

Friends of the Earth has planned an extensive day of protest against the Australian Prime Minister’s declaration that Australia will decrease its carbon emissions a mere 5 percent by 2020. To illustrate the problem, activists dressed in emergency gear will surround four separate government offices with sandbags today.

Greenpeace Activists Invade and Occupy UK Power Plant

The crown jewel of Greenpeace’s naval arm, the Rainbow Warrior, pulled in to the harbor alongside the Kingsnorth coal-fired power plant today before six activists stormed the facility to prepare to project video of impacts of global warming onto the plant’s giant smokestack.[social_buttons] The action comes mere months after a jury acquitted Greenpeace protesters who

Protesters Paint Coal Green Outside World Bank Meeting (Video)

[social_buttons]A small group of protesters attracted plenty of attention on the streets outside the World Bank’s recent meeting in Washington DC by painting oil barrels and lumps of coal green. A spokesperson was on hand to explain how the protest represents the World Bank’s excessive greenwashing: Don’t be fooled. The World Bank has great environmental

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