“TAX ME” To Slow Climate Change, Says US Public

The EPA’s new rules proposed for power plant emissions may have changed a few minds about the seriousness of climate change. Polling 1,005 U.S. adults, a report published yesterday finds that many US citizens say they would pay more for energy if their contribution would reduce climate change caused by pollution. The vote is nearly

XL, Or No XL? Public Comments End With Poll Surprise

Laying a pipeline across agricultural land (photo: eponline.com). Friday afternoon, and officials at the State Department are probably breathing a huge sigh of relief. The official public comment period on the northern extension of the $5.4 billion Keystone XL pipeline expired today. And the unofficial public comment that’s making the news is today’s release of

Politics Affect Perception of Warm Weather Causes

In a country where to believe or disbelieve in the reality of global warming is almost a political necessity, it is unsurprising that Gallup recently found that Republicans and Democrats are more likely to disagree on just why the most recent winter was warmer than expected. Based on telephone interviews conducted across the weekend of

Scarier Climate Change Reporting Unhelpful

A new study to come out of the University of California, Berkeley, has shown that when scientific evidence or news regarding the damaging effects of climate change or global warming are presented too negatively people are more likely to dismiss and deny what they have heard. “Our study indicates that the potentially devastating consequences of

Americans are Unhappy with BP

Americans are growing unhappier by the day with BP’s efforts to clean up the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. [social_buttons]A new series of questions polled by USA Today/Gallup have highlighted Americans disfavour with how BP is going about the cleanup, who should be in charge and how much BP should be accountable

Oil Spill Renews American Fervour for Environment

The most recent poll from USA Today and Gallup has shown a dramatic increase in America’s desire to protect the environment. [social_buttons]This comes only a few months after the last such poll which saw a desire for energy production to take priority over environmental conservation by 7 percentage points. Now that margin has swung back

American's Growing Apathy to Environmental Movement

On the anniversary of the 40th Earth Day the latest Gallup poll shows that attitudes towards the environmental movement in America are declining. [social_buttons]Despite Gallup’s attempt to spin this as a “still positive” result, the 8 point drop in American’s attitudes towards the environmental movement is indicative of a growing trend. Whether as a result

Americans Want Focus on Energy over Environment

[social_buttons] For the first time in 10 years Americans believe that increasing energy supplies should be prioritized over the environmental conservation. For the first time since the question was first asked by Gallup in 2001 – at which point 52% of respondents favoured environment over energy production – Americans are favouring themselves in the form

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