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Journalism for Tomorrow — NOT Fake News

I must admit that I am very biased in my daily intake of news. In the era of the internet I have the freedom to choose my own channels. Like this one. The radio is always on when I drive to work in the morning, but I usually only pay attention when there is information

14 US Mayors Sign Proclamation to Reduce Climate Risks

14 US mayors made a historic commitment last week to take action to reduce climate risks and protect the future of their communities. The Midwestern mayors, from St. Louis to St. Paul, Dubuque, and others, signed the The Path to Positive Proclamation to pledge their leadership, prepare for climate change, and promote solutions that advance

What's "Sustainable Development"? Free Online Course!

On his blog “I see a change,” Nigerian Youth Development Expert Olumide Idowu presents the elements of sustainable development (source: olumideidowu.blog.com). Not all online courses provide all they promise you, but here’s one that should answer all your questions about environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive economic development. It will also challenge you to find out more.

Make-believe "Polarization" In 1st Hearing On Climate Plan

President Obama’s Plan to Fight Climate Change has an initial Congressional hearing (whitehouse.gov). Here’s what happened: Perhaps the second great step the Obama Administration has made this year with respect to climate change–after the President’s June 25 iteration of his sketchy but essentially solid outline for a new climate plan–happened this past week. The House

Hank D and the Bee: Political Signs

This season, more so than any other (thanks Super PACs and Nondisclosing Groups), the attack ads are in full effect. It reminds me of the timeless Mark Twain quote, “If we would learn what the human race really is at bottom, we need only observe it in election times.” Catch up on the rest of

"America Will do What's Right…"

  Inspired by the 70 year-old Winston Churchill quote: “In the long run, Americans will always do the right thing — after exploring all other alternatives.” Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon page…

I Prefer to Buy People's Votes (VIDEO)

If only they were so honest. But, when the oil company and its shills can’t be, a grassroots effort to reveal them can be. Following up on the video at the bottom of the page, where a climate activist punked a fossil fuel astroturfing campaign, here’s a video from Greenpeace’s Polluter Watch campaign that tells

The Green Life: Top 5 Green Life Ingredients

For anyone who wants to green their life — really wants to — I think there are 5 basic requirements … or, to make them sound nicer, we’ll call them ingredients. Can you live a “green” life without one of these? Well, yeah, but it is perhaps a “light green” life, not a fully green life. Think

Republican Voter Mistake #1

  While Republican voters may think that they are in the same boat as Republican politicians, they are not. One of the biggest differences between the two is that most Republican politicians are rich as heck, while,.. well, take a look at your income if you’re a Republican voter. You may think this doesn’t matter,

2011 — Record for Wet/Dry Extremes in U.S.

  Believe it or not (and it would be hard not to believe it), extreme weather is increasing in the U.S., and around the world, due to global warming. And 2011 was a record year for extreme weather. Wet and dry extremes hit an all-time high, as you can see in the chart above. Unfortunately,

Big Corporations Spend More Lobbying Congress than Paying Taxes

  Is there any wonder corporations lobby so much? They can get killer tax breaks, billions in tax breaks, for spending millions on lobbying. “A report released this month by Public Campaign demonstrates just how important it is for Americans to battle corporate special interests and reclaim our democracy,” Think Progress reports. “The group’s research

Climate Change Agreement in Durban — What Happened? What to Know?

  There are mixed reactions to the agreement made in South Africa at the COP17 climate conference yesterday. Well, really, I think most people have the same response, but that response is a mixed bag of positive and negative points. On the positive side: Much more was accomplished than anyone expected would be accomplished. On

Take Action: 5 Opportunities

  #1: Ringling Circus Gets Largest Fine of Its Kind for Animal Cruelty — Thank USDA & PETA! From PETA: “Feld Entertainment, the parent company of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, must now pay the largest settlement of its kind in U.S. history―$270,000―for alleged violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) dating back to 2007.” More

Romney & Gingrich: Two Climate Change Flip-Floppers

  What causes a politician to accept the science of a given topic (for example, climate change) and then change their mind abuot it years later, after the science and the scientific consensus gets even stronger? Is it as simple as agreeing with everything that comes out of the mouth of the people who fund

California Cap-and-Trade Plan Sets National Example

Americans are becoming ever more aware about the problems associated with human-caused greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. And positive changes have been made over recent years with this shift in public awareness. It’s now possible to drive an efficient, all-electric vehicle, such as the Nissan Leaf. Energy-inefficient light bulbs are being phased out by more

Obama: 1/2 Good?

  If you look at one or two segments of the Obama administration’s work — clean energy and energy efficiency — he looks like a total green leader. And as someone who covers those sectors for a living over on CleanTechnica, I can say that I am tremendously grateful for the great work the administration

Occupy Wall Street Should Follow Tea Party's Steps

OK, obviously, not its policy steps, but its strategic steps seem worth emulating. What would those be exactly? Well, after the initiation and rise of the (billionaire-funded) Tea Party, it went from a “grassroots” uprising to a focused electoral movement that created the most anti-science House of Representatives ever elected. It turned frustration with government

Public Trusts EPA, Not Congress (Wonder Why)

Because many in Congress are lying sacks of oil money bags, perhaps. But, the EPA supports the public, and the public trusts and supports the EPA (not oil-funded millionaire Congressmen). More, a full repost, from Think Progress Green: Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year by industrial polluters to demonize the Environmental Protection

Awesome Post by Congressman

Not all Congressmen and Congresswomen are bad. In fact, there are some true civil servants in Congress who know what’s going on and do everything they can to fight the nonsense. One of those Congressmen is Henry Waxman. Check out this piece of his published on Politico last week. (More Planetsave posts mentioning Waxman.) by

On Tim DeChristopher's Call to Kick Obama Out

I have gone back and forth on whether or not to support sometimes-lame Democrats (who are also sometimes clean energy and climate change leaders), like Obama. I campaigned for Ralph Nader in 2000 because I was fed up with the Clinton administration, which did less than was needed to address climate change. I swung back

Occupy Wall Street & the Environment

  I’ve been writing about the Occupy Wall Street movement a lot here on Planetsave. And Jeremy has been on sister site Red, Green, and Blue. And Rhonda has been on EcoLocalizer. And others have been on our primarily green-focused media network. I think I’ve connected the movement to environmental issues in many of my

Oil Pipeline Victory! (for now..)

  Well, I don’t think there’s much doubt about this: the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline that would be “the fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the planet” or “game over” for the climate according to some climate scientists who spoke out against it was squashed (temporarily) by a groundswell of citizen action. After

How Congress is Bought

This is why the U.S. doesn’t have a national climate change policy. This is why China is eating our lunch on clean energy investment. This is why U.S. oil companies and many other companies don’t pay billions of dollars in taxes — in fact, some pay –58% in taxes. I could include all the points here

Rick Perry Has Brain Fart, or Did He Come to His Senses for a Moment?

Somewhat big news in environmental and energy politics today is Rick Perry’s major slip-up in the Republican presidential debate last night. The problem? He couldn’t remember the third federal agency he wants to kill (other than the Department of Energy and Department of Commerce) — the Department of Energy. The funny thing is, the number

Huntsman Relieved at Cain's Surge & Republicans Shunning Him

To be honest, I would not be surprised in the least if Huntsman felt like this is a bit (as reported previously, Huntsman is just about the only Republican presidential candidate that even has half a clue when it comes to basic scientific knowledge, including climate science knowledge, and he has mentioned that). Now, this

Is Smoke-Friendly Herman Cain & Mark Block's Campaign Fake?

Some of the news this week (and previous weeks, actually) regarding Herman Cain is sort of surreal. It makes one wonder if he is running a fake presidential campaign. Seriously, though, Cain and Block seem completely lost. “Common sense” tells me it’s completely impossible that Cain could ever even have a shot of becoming the

Occupy Globe; Reciprocity in Rules

“It is Bank profits before people.” “The banks are above people being able to eat.” This quote is from an occupy protester as she was interviewed by Amy Goodman for non-profit radio. As Amy let the woman speak, the woman’s story unfolds: She has a master’s degree in social work and a student loan dept

Robert Redford Video Op-ed in NYT: President Obama: Stand up for America, Say No to Keystone XL

NRDC Trustee Robert Redford’s moving new video, recently released to the New York Times, is a strong critique which quietly tears apart the sales pitch for the unnecessary and dangerous Keystone XL pipeline.

Highlights of Redford’s video are a repetition of all honest voices questioning the integrity of this issue and asking our government for accountability in regards to the tar sands. It is timely that we demand foresight with business, especially oil, and shine a light on the sheer lack of ethics and legitimacy in this process.

Wrong and Wrongerer: How Both Sides of the Aisle Address Climate Change

Although this cartoon appears to be an even and nonpartisan attack at both sides of the aisle, it is not an exact representation of how I feel. I am sickened by the majority of the leaders on the right (and their lies to protect their corporate cronies), whereas I am disappointed with much of the left and their lack of meaningful action (which protects their corporate cronies).

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