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Liter Of Light Campaign Targets Energy Poverty

Fighting energy poverty for some 1.3 billion people worldwide is a primary goal for many innovators, including the Liter of Light campaign. This open-sourced movement has launched a modest 30-day $27,000 Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign in oder to help provide ecologically sustainable illumination to people who have none. Liter of Light aims to provide ecologically sustainable and

Eighth Continent Discovered: The Secret Continent

For your next vacation, consider taking a trip to the newest continent on Earth, The Secret Continent, and enjoy the Museum of Modern Junk, dine on Plastic Bouillabaisse, dress in Debris Couture, and even see some celebrities! This eighth continent is a charming destination, brought to you in part by big soda companies and their

Surfer Recycling Ocean Garbage into Surfboards

Individuals that physically interact with their outdoors environment tend to be passionate about preserving it. Hikers, conservationists, fishermen, hunters, rock climbers, and surfers are passionate about keeping their outdoor playgrounds free of pollution.

World's First Biodegradable Water Bottle?

74% of recyclable water bottles end up clogging landfills, polluting the oceans, or littering our natural environments. Well, from what I’ve heard, one company is unveiling the world’s first biodegradable and recyclable water bottle in January to help address this issue. Canada-based redleaf Water will be introducing these “Bio Bottles” in Canada and some stores

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