Dead Fairy Hoax — Derbyshire, Mexico, Facts and Pictures

Back in 2007, an English sculptor/illusion designer by the name of Dan Baines posted photographs on his website showing what he claimed were the mummified remains of a dead fairy, that were supposedly found by someone walking their dog in Derbyshire. The photographs were uploaded on April 1st… For some reason the post and photographs

Hedgehogs (10 Friday Photos)

Photo Credit: CadenArmstrong via Flickr My friend and I have never seen a hedgehog, so I decided to find some photos to solace us. Maybe that’s not the same as seeing one in real life, but still, I think they’re really cute animals. Are hedgehogs common in your area? Some of my friends say that

Rainbows (10 Friday Photos)

Photo Credit: Roy via flickr Rainbows… I think they’re one of the most inspirational things that nature gives us and that, for sure, make us feel optimistic. Don’t you think that not seeing rainbows in life would be so sad? Well, I hope that it won’t happen to anyone. Enjoy the photos and choose the

Tigers (10 Friday Photos, doubled)

In honor of the recent, historic tiger summit this month, this week’s 10 Friday Photos post is on tigers. And since the country leaders meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia decided to set the goal of doubling the number of wild tigers by 2022 (the next Year of the Tiger), we are doubling our photos this week,

Rainforest Pictures (10 Friday Photos)

Rainforests… Can you believe they are real? I think that rainforests are beautiful and I wish I could visit one of them some time. They look like they were from a movie or picture made by someone with a huge imagination, don’t you think? Well, this week’s 10 Friday Photos is on this topic of

Zebra Pictures (10 Friday Photos)

17 amazing zebra pictures, to follow the birth of a zedonk (zebra-donkey hybrid) earlier this week. Ok, I have to make a confession, this post has turned into a 10 + 7 Friday Photos post. I love zebras — one of my very favorites animals (maybe favorite) since I was a child — they are

Amazon River (10 Friday Photos)

10 beautiful and fun photos of the Amazon River. If you haven’t noticed, I love water. Every time I do a post for this 10 Friday Photos series, I seem to pick something related to water or at least include a lot of pics with water in them. Perhaps that’s why Martyna decided to do

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