Ebola Deaths May Reach Over 1,000 By Next Week (Exclusive Interview)

West Africa may even reach 1,000 deaths from Ebola this weekend. That’s just a guess, but not a bad guess, considering the Olympic record of this hemorrhagic virus. At the beginning of July nearly 500 people had died from the disease; two weeks later, the numbers had increased by 20%,; and the most recent confirmed figure,

Death Claims Medical Marijuana User After Denial for Liver Transplant

It points up the urgency of Congressman Ron Paul’s latest legislation to decriminalize medical marijuana. The latest case in point comes from Seattle, where a man was denied a liver transplant, after a University of Washington Medical Center committee denied him a place on the liver transplant list. His crime? Using medical marijuana, even though

Pot for Pain: Congressman Ron Paul Introduces Medical Marijuana Legislation

Texas Congressman Ron Paul today released a statement urging public support for a House Bill advocating the government stay out of the medical marijuana business and allow state sanctioned clinics the freedom to dispense pot without fear of being raided. Paul has introduced the “Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act”, H.R. 5842, which would bar the

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