The City Depicts World Without Us

The idea of a “world without us” has been often expressed over the past decade in book and TV, and now in photographed diorama, thanks to the exceptional work of Lori Nix. Lori Nix creates and then photographs diorama’s, and in this instance creates what has been described as a “haunting, sorrowful” series of images.

Ecomagination Photo Project

I recently got tipped off to a great website and project, the GE ecomagination photo project. The simple deal with this project is, as a friend wrote to me, “for every photo uploaded to flickr, a donation will be made to communities in need of clean water, solar light, and wind turbine powered electricity.” Sounds

Koalas (10 Friday Photos +7 Extra)

For this week’s 10 Friday Photos post, we decided to go with adorably cute koalas. These photos below are both extremely adorable and hilarious, in my humble opinion. Enjoy, and let us know if you have any requests for future posts in the comments below. Also, as always, feels free to share links to more

Sea Dragon Pictures (10 Friday Photos)

Sea dragons? Well, they may not be real “popular,” but they are such amazing animals and definitely deserve more attention. They are beautiful, colorful and look very magical. I think sea dragons could be a proper icon of all oceans, even though they mostly live near Australia. Check out these beautiful pics below. (Thanks to Taylen

Muskrats (10 Friday Photos)

This Friday, check out these 10 photos of muskrat for 10 Friday Photos. I’ve heard some story that muskrats move near human houses and disturbed them, and even scare them! Well, maybe, but aren’t they so cute? Look at these photos and enjoy!

Lemurs (10 Friday Photos + 1 extra)

11 photos of lemurs for “10 Friday Photos” this week! Do you remember King Julien from “Madagascar”? Wasn’t he cute? Well, today we’ve got 11 photos with lemurs like him. Maybe they’re not kings, but they absolutely rule!

Pandas (10 Friday Photos)

Some great pictures of pandas! Admire their beauty. And help to protect them! Giant Pandas need to be protected. They’ve been hunted for ages, because people want to have their impressive furs. Now, their approach towards extinction is no small matter. Of course, there are many organisations that try to save them, but it doesn’t

Zebra Pictures (10 Friday Photos)

17 amazing zebra pictures, to follow the birth of a zedonk (zebra-donkey hybrid) earlier this week. Ok, I have to make a confession, this post has turned into a 10 + 7 Friday Photos post. I love zebras — one of my very favorites animals (maybe favorite) since I was a child — they are

Amazon River (10 Friday Photos)

10 beautiful and fun photos of the Amazon River. If you haven’t noticed, I love water. Every time I do a post for this 10 Friday Photos series, I seem to pick something related to water or at least include a lot of pics with water in them. Perhaps that’s why Martyna decided to do

Then & Now Photos Show Melting of Himalayan Glaciers

Stunning then & now photos of the Himalayan Glaciers show the clear results of climate change in the “Third Pole.” Mountaineer, photographer, and filmmaker, David Breashears, has climbed the Himalayan Mountains 5 times in the last 3 years. Working on a documentary for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Breashears climbed the mountains and also brought

Desert (10 Friday Photos)

Enjoy 10 beautiful photos of the desert. A lot of people think that the desert is only sand and heat. If that was true, the desert would definitely be a very boring place. The thing is to see how powerful and beautiful deserts actually are. They have survived huge periods of time and deserve a

National Parks (10 Friday Photos)

In this week’s 10 Friday Photos post, enjoy great photos of 10 beautiful national parks. Since this week’s 7 Green Bloggers post was about top nature destinations and some of the bloggers chose national parks, I decided to make sure some of the photos in this post are of those national parks.

Beautiful Gulf of Mexico Beach Photos (10 Friday Photos)

10 beautiful photos of the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico’s beautiful beaches. [social_buttons] I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico coast in Southern Florida. It has been horrible and scary to see what is happening and to read about what might happen as a result of the BP oil spill in

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