Body-Painted PETA Activists Protest Mumbai Zoo

Body-painted activists with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) visited the Byculla Zoo in Mumbai, India today. “Bodypainted in an array of bright colours and holding a banner that reads, ‘Let Animals Show Their True Colours: Boycott Zoos’, members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India will gather outside Byculla

Olivia Munn Goes Naked for Animals (VIDEO)

News: Following up on my story an hour or so ago on NFL linebacker Terrell Suggs ‘going PETA’ (not quite naked, though), news is Olivia Munn has also ‘gone PETA’ (and gone fully naked) to encourage people to drop the fur. Olivia Munn, if you’re not familiar with her, is a correspondent on The Daily

Terrell Suggs, NFL Linebacker, Goes PETA (VIDEOS)

  PETA does a great job of getting household names and celebrities who love animals to speak up and push our society in a more animal-friendly direction. Most recently, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs has teamed up with PETA (or ‘gone PETA’, as I may start calling it). “He may be one of the toughest linebackers in

Take Action: Tell Chick-fil-A to Stop Airing Cruel Elephant Ad

Elephants are beautiful, thoughtful creatures — people love them. I imagine this is why they are in so many ads and movies. However, some of the people and companies that own elephants are not elephant lovers. In fact, some are downright cruel towards the sensitive creatures. Chick-fil-A is currently running an ad with an elephant

Playboy Model Victoria Eisermann Advocates to Ban Racehorse Whipping by Offering to Give a Whipping

Playboy model Victoria Eisermann joined in Animal Aid’s efforts to ban the use of whips on racehorses today, Ladies’ Day, by “offering punters the surprise experience of a spanking, using a diamond studded whip” at the gates of Royal Ascot. As Animal Aid reports: “This will allow race-goers a chance to experience a similar beating to that which horses will receive from jockeys during the Royal race meeting.”

Justin Bieber Helps PETA to Encourage Adopting Animals from Shelters

Justin Bieber’s year has been filled with chart-topping singles, major television appearances, an upcoming documentary about his life called Never Say Never, and numerous awards, including an American Music Award for Artist of the Year. Now, he  is taking time out of his busy schedule to star in his second heartwarming PSA for PETA, encouraging people

Top 30 Planetsave Posts of 2010

I know, you are extremely curious to find out which posts on Planetsave got the most views in 2010. I was too. Here they are, the top 30. Did you read them all? 30. Amazon River (10 Friday Photos) People love pretty pictures, (especially of the Amazon). 29. Top Environmental Organizations in the United States (7 Green

Kate Winslet, PETA Oppose Foie Gras Foie gras is a “luxury food” or delicacy. However, if you watched the video above, I imagine you’d rather not pay anything for it. Completely horrifying. It is nice to see Kate Winslet joining the Pope, world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, PETA, and others trying to bring an end to the consumption and commercial sale

Bears Protest to Save Nude Supermodels (Cartoon)

EARTH has PETA’s back. Keeley Hazell: Don’t Wear Fur (PETA, NSFW) Naked protest against fur coats in Barcelona PETA Celebrates National Topless Day …Speaking of nudity, my last nude (sasquatch) cartoon Visit the rest of Joe’s environmental cartoons on And follow him on Twitter @GreenCartoons.

Abuse at the Circus: Disturbing Undercover PETA Video Alleges Elephant and Tiger Abuse

[social_buttons] Earlier this week, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) released undercover video footage showing employees of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus allegedly abusing elephants and tigers. The abuse, caught on tape by an undercover PETA investigator, allegedly occurred in seven different states across America over several months. The footage shows handlers

Paul McCartney Calls on Pamela Anderson to Help Tackle Global Warming

Music legend Sir Paul McCartney is seeking to enlist the help of an unlikely candidate in the battle to solve climate change, ex-baywatch starlet Pamela Anderson. Apparently, his royal beatleness made the plea in a direct two page letter to Anderson, following her ongoing loyal support of animal rights group PETA. McCartney, a staunch advocate

PETA Doubles KFC's Offered Price For Pothole Advertising

Did you hear about KFC’s offer to fill the potholes in Louisville and four other US cities? Well, they’ve asked to be allowed to stencil an ad onto the pavement in exchange. Predictably, PETA and their KFC Cruelthy campaign now want some of the action. [social_buttons] “KFC might concentrate instead on improving conditions for the

Against Reason, Canada Increases Seal Hunt Quota by 55,000

Despite evidence that increasing the seal hunt quota could bring the harp seal population down the dangerous levels, the Canadian government has approved a 55,000 seal increase to quota for the upcoming commercial seal hunt. [social_buttons] The increase brings the total to 338,000 young seals scheduled to be brutally killed. Canada’s Humane Society said the

PETA Likes Gore's .ECO Domain, Wants

PETA already has a website dedicated to pressuring Al Gore to drop the meat from his diet, but when they caught wind of his proposed new .ECO domain, they couldn’t resist the opportunity to take another stab at him. [social_buttons] Ingrid Newkirk, PETA’s president and founder, sent a letter to the CEO of the Internet

Sorry, Importing Polar Bear Heads from Canada is Still Illegal

The US Fish and Wildlife Service rejected an attempt by trophy hunters to re-allow shipments of polar bear parts from countries where it is legal to kill the embattled species. [social_buttons] The Humane Society of the United States lobbied the agency hard against the proposed reopening of the trade. The animals are listed as a

PETA Re-launches 'McCruelty' Campaign Against McDonald's

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently re-launched the ‘McCruelty’ campaign against the fast food giant McDonald’s, saying of their treatment of animals, “I’m hatin’ it.” The original campaign against McDonald’s was launched in 2000, and after the company worked with PETA to make some basic animal welfare changes, the campaign was withdrawn.

UPS Refuses Special Handing for Old Lobster's Trek Back to Sea

The 120-year-old lobster was out the door and heading towards freedom, but then an obstinate UPS driver wouldn’t agree to give the lobster’s box careful handling on its way back to the Atlantic. [social_buttons] Craig the 20-pound lobster made headlines after PETA asked Brooklyn restaurant owner Gina Ng to allow the animal to be released

Propagandhi: Donate to Sea Shepherd, Download Our Music

The longstanding and notoriously outspoken punk outfit Propagandhi has released their new two-track single as a high-quality download for fans who donate $1 to $10 to Sea Shepherd, PETA2, or Partners in Health. [social_buttons] The two songs, “Supporting Caste” on the A-side and “Human(e) Meat” on the B-side, come from their upcoming new record. The

Bollywood Beauty Celina Jaitley Poses for PETA Elephant Ads

Shackled, Beaten, Abused is the tagline of a new PETA ad designed to raise awareness about the mistreatment of captive elephants. It features Celina Jaitley, who is a popular actress in India. Last year she also participated in an elephant conservation fundraiser in Switzerland that raised one million francs.

PETA to Zoos: Coburn Amendment Got You Down? We Can Help

Many zoos are having a tough time surviving in this economy, but PETA has an idea that could help save them, and improve the lives of the animals inside. The soon-to-be approved stimulus plan includes the (slightly altered) Coburn Amendment which essentially tries to guarantee that no one is allowed to have fun during the

Grey vs. Red: Scotland to Kill One Squirrel Breed to Save the Other

Conservationists are aghast at a plan to kill thousands of grey squirrels across Scotland in order to allow the red squirrel population room to grow. [social_buttons] “There are alternatives to a cull,” said Ross Minett of the UK’s Advocates for Animals. “There needs to be more research into immunocontraception for greys and there could be

Utah Legislature Votes to Limit Birth Control… for Animals

If I didn’t know any better, I’d congratulate Utah republicans for at least being consistent in their ultra-conservative, anti-choice beliefs by spreading it to all species. But alas, that was not the intention of this new law. [social_buttons] They’ve preemptively passed a law to stop animal rights activists from distributing birth control to deer populations

PETA Wants Ads on Indiana Garbage Trucks: "Meat Trashes the Planet"

PETA, whose banned Super Bowl ad is still getting crazy press coverage, has offered to help with Indiana’s budget troubles by paying for ads on all their recycling trucks. The ads would read “Meat Trashes the Planet: Go Green, Go Vegetarian,” which PETA hopes will draw attention to the massive impact that the meat industry

PETA's Sea Kitten Campaign Gets Pranked With Steak Ad

Some clever techies confused PETA supporters today by pulling a well-executed prank against their campaign to “re-brand” fish as sea kittens.[social_buttons] For at least a couple hours today, the internet was abuzz with the fact that had an Omaha Steaks ad smack-dab at the top of the page. But PETA can’t really be that

Too Sexy: NBC Rejects Another PETA Super Bowl Ad

How is this banned PETA ad any worse than a Victoria’s Secret ad? Or half of the beer commercials that surely will make it on the air? They’ve had countless ads rejected in the past for various reasons, but this one is nothing but fun. I’m sure the ad will get more viewers now that

Michael Vick Scores 73.5% on PETA's Animal Empathy Test

At first, when PETA offered Michael Vick a chance to star in a PSA against dog fighting, he jumped at the opportunity, probably hoping it would help clear his name. [social_buttons] But now, PETA is having second thoughts — saying they want him to take psychological tests and receive an MRI to show he’s physically

Indian Court Sides with PETA, Limits Dog Euthenasia

While Slumdog Millionaire will likely make quite a showing at the Oscars, actual dogs in Mumbai can now breathe a bit easier. [social_buttons] After pressure from PETA and frequent supporter Pamela Anderson, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that dogs must be sick, injured, or dangerous in order to be put down — much like the

Is There a Vegan In the White House? PETA, Rejoice!

Soon-to-be-President Barack Obama has appointed animal advocate Cass Sunstein to head the relatively obscure, yet powerful Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The regulatory czar, as the position is generally called, is responsible for every regulatory agency in the country, such as the EPA, and will oversee all administration rules. Sunstein is best known for

Donations for Animal Rights Increase Despite Economic Woes

Contributions to animals welfare and rights organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals rose 11 percent in 2007 (the most recent figures available), even with the economic downturn that began that year. The farming industry-friendly Animal Agriculture Alliance attributes this rise in funding as playing a key role in the increase in

Sea Shepherd Now has Former US Navy Lieutenant Onboard

We’ve covered Sea Shepherd and their new television show “Whale Wars” quite a bit the past couple months, and while we love the organization and the show, we must admit that we cringe every time they make a disastrous mistake on the TV show. But things are looking brighter for the next season, being filmed

In Poor Economy, PETA Buying Stock in Meat-Heavy Restaurants

Taking advantage of the shriveling stock market, PETA has been purchasing more and more shares in meaty companies, including popular chain establishments like Domino’s Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen, and Sonics. The surge in stock purchases comes shortly after PETA’s call for donations not only to them, but to other animal rights organizations also hurting in

USDA Rescues Abused Elephant From Circus Trainer

The USDA has confiscated Ned, a severely underweight male elephant from circus trainer Lance Ramos, aka Lancelot Kollman. Only the second elephant to have been confiscated by the USDA, Ned was taken from Ramos for failure to comply with the Animal Welfare Act and was placed with The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Deer Hunting for Conservation? Not So Fast, Study Says

It has become conventional wisdom that culling deer is a necessary measure that humans must take in order to protect deer and their habitats from the effects of over-population. But new research has found that, in fact, areas with more deer actually have higher biodiversity.[social_buttons] The study, performed by researchers with the National Park Service

New 'Whale Wars' TV Series Documents Anti-Whaling Activists

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a direct action animal rights organization led by Captain Paul Watson, will get some well-deserved attention in an upcoming seven-part Animal Planet television series titled “Whale Wars,” set to premier November 7th. The group formed in 1977 after Watson, one of the founders of Greenpeace, became frustrated with the seminal

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