British Landscape Detailed Like Never Before

Using 70 satellite images taken between 2005 and 2008, scientists have developed a digital map of Britain that shows in remarkable detail the mosaic of vegetation and land-cover types that makes up the British landscape. “At a time when our land surface is under increasing pressure, reliable information on land cover is essential,”says Dr Dan

Public Distrusts Climate Science due to Lack of Understanding

Despite a large majority of scientists with intimate knowledge of the planet’s climate agreeing that climate change is real and human-induced, the public still persists in distrusting the majority at the hands of a few wayward sceptics.

This is not surprising, but a new study conducted by Caren Cooper, a research associate who works on citizen science projects at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, sheds some light on just why the public insist on letting the minority influence their opinions on this matter.

Charlie Sheen Cartoon, Climate Change, and the U.S. Today

We’ve got a lot of crazy stuff going on these days. It makes you wonder if society isn’t just increasingly obsessed with craziness and subconsciously determined to do crazy, self-destructive things… what else would explain our obsession with Charlie Sheen, our ignorance of and inaction on catastrophic climate change, and our decision to put people

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