Iberian Killer Whales Increasing Isolated, Research Finds

The killer whales — or Orcas as they are often known — that live off of the Iberian peninsula (Gulf of Cadiz, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea) are increasingly isolated and in a precarious position, according to researchers from Spain and Portugal. The killer whale populations in the region can now have

Canada's 'Spirit Bears' Threatened by Proposed Oil Pipeline

The battle of domestic energy production verses the protection of natural resources and wildlife “treasures” has many fronts. With attention largely focused on the environmental and climate change impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline, passing almost under the radar is another proposed pipeline — the Northern Gateway pipeline (proposed by energy giant Enbridge*) — that

Killer Whales Are Evolving Into Two Different Species

Scientists have found that Killer Whales in the North Atlantic Ocean differ in both diet and genetic makeup. In fact, they’re in the process of splitting into two different species all together. Researchers examined the teeth of 62 whale skeletons, some that were hundreds of years old. They found that “type 1” whales had longer

Killer Whale Population Never Recovered from Exxon Valdez Spill

Biologists believe that the entire population of killer whales in the Prince WIlliam Sound will soon die off completely. [social_buttons] While salmon, otters, and other animals in the area have experienced partial or full recoveries, this group of whales has struggled ever since the 11-million-gallon oil spill in 1989. At that point, the whales numbered

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