A Spring that Can't Wait

  As the corruption in our system continues unabated and the interminable Republican primary season continues its buffoonery of ‘solutions’ for our failing state, there is some highly unusual behavior taking place independent of either. It’s the behavior of the weather for most of the country, an unprecedented string of warm days even before Spring

The Drums of War: Iran Edition

  We Americans are not the best at history. Because of the spin of corporate-controlled media, we are not reminded of the consistent pattern of deception exhibited by our government when the ‘power behind the wheel’ wants a new conflict. Nor are we reminded of the tremendous profitability of war for the corporations who count

Genetically Modified Garden of Eden?

More on our food and labelling GMOs From Huffington Post: Why We Must Occupy Our Food Supply From Label GMOs: Spread the Word! From EatDrinkBetter: Judge Sides with Monsanto in Lawsuit Joe’s cartoon archive, twitter ramblings and StumbleUpon page…

Anonymous Declares War on United States Government

Wow, seems I missed this on Sunday — just saw the news last night. Anonymous, the well known grassroots and social media activism ‘organization’ (or ‘collective’) has declared war on the United States government! The video, published on Sunday, is below. The preface to it on YouTube states: Declaration of War on the United States

The Trouble with Occupy

The Occupy Movement is inspiring to many of us who long awaited a new dynamic into our dysfunctional culture. It is a powerful cultural force, engaging citizens to promote substantive change to an unfair system. It has already reshaped political conversations with its focus on the corporate elitism and government collusion that has led to

Summit on CoreChange in Cincinnati

  Something powerful, something new under the sun happened in Cincinnati this weekend. A three day summit on changing Cincinnati in fundamental ways, an effort to rethink our city with an eye toward creating a just, community-oriented, sustainable city. This conference was the brain child of Doctor Victor Garcia, a physician whose experience with young

Occupy: New Wine and Old Skins

There is a famous biblical parable where Jesus speaks of his new way of thinking as something that cannot be contained in the existing Jewish culture. The idea is that if you put new wine into a used skin, the skin will burst as the new wine ferments, having already been stretched once from its

Bill Moyers on People Power and the Keystone XL

http://youtu.be/u7n5FokvQeU “‘People Power’ behind him” is what made it possible for President Obama to veto the Keystone XL pipeline, according to Bills Moyers on Bill Maher’s HBO talkshow. And this backs up what we here on Planetsave have been promoting for a long time now — direct action and people power. Bill Moyers is one

Occupy Congress: What Is It? (+ Videos)

  Occupy Wall Street may have slowed down a bit this Winter, but I think everyone knows it has been hybernating, not dying. Or, perhaps, it’s just been migrating to Washington, D.C. “Occupy Congress” was (and still is) today. Event details: 9am – Converge at West Front Lawn at Capitol Hill (Meetings with Representatives concurrent) 10 am –

World 5.0 Offers Priorities to Cincinnati City Council

  On Thursday, 1/5/2012, World 5.0, in concert with a dozen or so Occupiers from Cincinnati, presented Cincinnati City Council with ideas for priorities for the council in this new year of 2012. I also presented the council members with a copy of the book, “World 5.0 – Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Life

Occupy Tokyo Actions Don't Get Media Coverage — Surprised?

Just as in the Occupy Wall Street didn’t get any mass media coverage when it started, Occupy Tokyo is apparently getting ignored by the media there and getting no coverage. “Several large demonstrations have taken place all over Japan in recent months, especially in Tokyo. The general mood is the same as elsewhere: ordinary people

Jon Hunstman: Not on Arizona Primary Ballot, Losing to Colbert in South Carolina Poll, Global Warming Realist… but Willing to Flop, & Occupy Supporter?

  Jon Huntsman has hardly gotten any attention in the course of the freak show we can call the GOP primaries. However, that has changed a bit since yesterday, when he received a notable percentage of the New Hampshire primary votes (17%). We’ve actually written about Huntsman a number of times, as he’s the only candidate

Occupy Wall Street Building a Better Facebook?

  Facebook has been the ire of many for a long time, despite (or, in part, because of) its growing popularity. Compared to top internet rival Google, it lacks that whole “do no evil” thing… (and many have the hunch it’s all about doing evil). A portion of another tremendously popular network, the Occupy Wall

Green (& Not So Green) News of the Year (2011 Top 10 List)

  2011 was a big year for the environment, in some good ways and some bad ways. Here’s a quick run-down of the top 10 stories of the year, in my opinion: 1. Tremendously high levels of carbon emissions continue to warm Earth. Despite efforts to switch to clean energy, increase energy efficiency, and use more

Occupy World 5.0

We are in uncharted territory. This is like no time in our civilization’s history — global food shortages, climate crisis, unending war and violence, corporate domination, rampant systemic corruption, government collusion with corporations, abject poverty and homelessness, mass extinctions — it’s a long list barely begun here. It’s enough to leave one feeling hopeless in

Occupy July 4th (Take the U.S. Back)

The Occupy movement has been fluid since its inception, but there’s a hard target it could soon be aiming for — the biggest day of activism in U.S. history, next July 4th, to take our country back from the super rich. “Think what could be brought to the limelight if a million people would take

Occupy Wall Street Should Follow Tea Party's Steps

OK, obviously, not its policy steps, but its strategic steps seem worth emulating. What would those be exactly? Well, after the initiation and rise of the (billionaire-funded) Tea Party, it went from a “grassroots” uprising to a focused electoral movement that created the most anti-science House of Representatives ever elected. It turned frustration with government

Occupy the Airwaves

With song and stories, people around the world are taking to the radio airwaves, sharing the realities of the climate crisis and calling on people to grow the climate movement in the lead up to the 2011 UN Climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa. From today through 2nd December, we’re running an exciting new project

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