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UK Police Arrest 114 Activists For Planning Coal Plant Protest

In a demonstration of increased surveillance on protest groups in Britain, police arrested 114 people for alleged conspiracy to commit criminal damage and aggravated trespass at a coal-fired power plant. [social_buttons] Huh? What kind of protest involves 114 people “conspiring” to enter and vandalize a power plant? Sounds like a few dozen were involved in

No New Coal: Help List All Proposed Coal Mines in the US

With the recent successes in stopping the further expansion of coal-based energy, activists direly need a complete list of proposed mining projects. While already hosts the CoalSwarm database with all sorts of information about coal plants across different states, it’s lacking information on proposed coal mines. Legal opposition and community protests have been shown

Anti-Coal Movement Celebrates Big Win in North Dakota

When a new coal preparation plant decided to begin construction without first securing a permit, Plains Justice with the Dakota Resource Council and local residents jumped at the opportunity to file a complaint against the company. With the complaint challenging the plant’s construction, Great Northern Power Development withdrew its application for a new coal mine

Liquid "Clean Coal" Project Dropped After Legal Challenges

Baard Energy withdrew an application for federal loans for a $6 billion coal-to-liquids plant in Illiinois last week. The company cited lawsuits by the Sierra Club and National Resource Defense Council for blocking the project. [social_buttons] “Baard keeps claiming this is a clean coal facility and nothing could be further from the truth,” said Nachy

Five Scottish Protesters Arrested for Stopping Work at Coal Mine

Five activists managed to shut down a coal mine before being arrested and charged with “breach of the peace” for standing on a piece of equipment with a sign reading “No New Coal.” “We’re here to send a message to [mining company] ATH Resources that mining the dirtiest fossil fuel and fuelling climate change is

Thousands To Lobby Congress and Sit In at Coal Plant March 2

Friday February 27th will begin the four day Powershift 2009 conference, which is set to become the largest ever youth conference on climate change. But history will be made on Monday, March 2nd, when thousands of youth lobby Congress and thousands of others march to the Capitol Coal Plant to take part in what should

100 of Days of Action to Stop Coal Use Begins Now!

Power Past Coal has been putting together an extensive list of actions across the country that are happening in the next 100 days to put an end to our coal-dependent economy. As the slew of recent coal disasters has shown us, the time to put an end to coal use is now. NASA Climate Scientist

Bush's 11th Hour Regulations Put On Hiatus by Obama

Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America today. As one of the first moves of his presidency, he has suspended all of former-President George Bush’s midnight regulations. The order was issued by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel directly following the swearing in of Obama. The

Close Your Bank of America Account to Fight Injustice

Climate action group Rising Tide is joining forces with City Life/Vida Urbana, a housing justice organization, to announce a mass action against Bank of America. Instead of the usual sign holding and chanting (which has also been taking place), they are asking people across the country to close their bank accounts on February 14th– Valentines

Bush Delivers Five Final Blows to the Environment

Though President Bush remains in office for only two more weeks, he has left a final trail of devastation to cement his legacy in place. From gutting the endangered species act to allowing toxic waste to flow freely, Bush is pushing 11th hour executive orders at a potentially record setting pace. His list of last

Activists Detained For Taking Ash Spill Photographs

Two environmental activists were detained by the Tennessee Valley Authority police for photographing the site of last weeks ash spill. While it does not appear that they will be charged with crimes, they were unable to document the ash spill’s effects on the area and its water supply. [social_buttons] The men, who are from the

Environmentalists Taking EPA Mining Rules to Court

Despite activists’ efforts earlier in the month to stop the Bush administration’s 11th hour changes to environmental regulations, the EPA has gone ahead with undoing some rules. Specifically, they have signed off on loosening 1983’s coal dumping regulation, which prevent dumping within 100 feet of a river. Fortunately, environmental groups are taking the ruling to

Lone Activist Disables Coal Plant for Four Hours, Escapes

A man climbed over two 10-foot barb-wired electrified fences surrounding the Kingsnorth coal-fired power plant in England on November 28th and proceeded to enter the facility and shut down the plant’s smokestack. The entire ordeal was caught on security cameras, but no one—neither activists nor police—know who the man is or where to find him.

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