Get Carbon Offsets for Using New Biodegradable Credit Card

Many people find global warming an overwhelming issue, and have no idea how to contribute to a solution. But now, combating climate change can be as easy as a credit card purchase. Every time a Sustain:Green biodegradable card is used, a tangible contribution to the fight against global warming is made through carbon offsets, and

10 Companies With Eco-Conscious Production Processes

A lot of companies out there claim to “going green.” Take the different manufacturers of hybrid automobiles, for instance. Sure, the cars use less fossil fuels than conventional automobiles. However, they still emit a ton (well, many tons) of greenhouse gases, and their manufacturing processes are also highly energy intensive. Hybrid manufacturers are not alone; many

Stripping for Nike and Adidas

Over 600 people across 10 countries coordinate an international striptease to bring awareness to environmental pollution by large clothing manufacturers, including Adidas and Nike.

Saying Thank You to Climate Leaders Worth Over $1 Trillion

11:149. This is basically the ratio of pro- and anti-climate legislation lobbying expenditures in 2009. The oil and gas industry put in $175 million. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce put in $123.3 million. And pro-environmental groups put in $22.4 million. ExxonMobil, alone, spent more money on lobbying than all pro-environmental groups spent in total, $27.4

Climate Counts' Striding Shoppers Campaign

Climate Counts has a Striding Shoppers Campaign going that is clearly worth a shout out. The company does extensive analyses of many of the world’s biggest companies to see how they are dealing with climate change and then creates scores (from 0-100) for them that consumers can use to help them in their shopping choices.

Greenpeace Praises Brazil

[social_buttons] Brazil soya traders agreed to extend a moratorium on buying soya linked to Amazon destruction this week and Greenpeace was quick to give them a big thank you from the world. International companies such as McDonald’s are happy, and companies like Nike, Wal-Mart and Carrefour are asking for more.

Timberland Leather Won't Come from Amazonian Cattle

Timberland has announced a new policy agreement with Greenpeace to ensure that leather used in new boots and shoes won’t contribute to deforestation in the Amazon. The policy will issue a moratorium on purchasing any cattle raised in newly deforested areas within the Amazon Rainforest, and it will force all of its suppliers to do

Nike Stops Use of Amazon Leather After Damning Greenpeace Report

Nike has stopped all imports of leather from the Amazon region of Brazil, after a Greenpeace report claimed that its shoes and trainers could be speeding up the destruction of the world’s largest rainforest and contributing to global warming. The report, published last month, revealed how cattle hides from deforested areas were entering the supply

Nike Engages in Anti-Car Competition: BEAT GASOLINE

Nike has a financial investment in getting people to live more active lifestyles, but it is broadening its agenda a bit with a new campaign to encourage people to “Beat Gasoline” and use more muscle power for their transportation needs. In partnership with Youth Noise, the initiative is sending this video to athletically minded kids,

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