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Dogs Learn To Drive Cars, Really (VIDEO)

This is pretty awesome. Of course, it’s fun to watch dogs driving cars, but it’s also cool because the purpose of this dog driving course, conducted by a charity in New Zealand, is to get more people comfortable with the idea that rescue dogs are intelligent, can be trained, and are worthy of adoption. I

World Rhino Day is September 22! #worldrhinoday

On September 22, 2013, the fourth annual World Rhino Day will be celebrated with special events organized both online and offline by zoos, NGOs, conservancies, schools, businesses, and concerned citizens. This year, the big day falls on a Sunday, which has prompted some celebrants to include Saturday, September 21 — making it a weekend of sharing

Mount Doom Likely to Erupt Soon

The volcano that was featured as Mount Doom for the Lord of the Rings trilogy is causing the New Zealand Department of Conservation some angst, with department measurements indicating the increasing likelihood that Ruapehu will erupt. Subsequently, the Department of Conservation issued a warning to climbers and trampers in the region, recommending that they do not

Video: New Zealand Penguins Rescued from Oil Spill Released

A bunch of tiny little penguins were rescued from a horrible oil spill off the coast of New Zealand and were recently released back into the ocean. Here’s more from WWF, including a beautiful video of the release. The first little blue penguins affected by the Rena oil spill were released back into the wild

Summer Phytoplankton Bloom near New Zealand

This image was taken on February 10 of this year by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite, and shows a large phytoplankton bloom along the shores of New Zealand’s South Island. Source: NASA Earth Observatory’s Image of the Day

NASA Spacecraft Images New Zealand Quake Region

A day after a powerful magnitude 6.3 earthquake rocked Christchurch, a city of 377,000 on New Zealand’s South Island, on Feb. 22, 2011, the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) instrument on NASA’s Terra spacecraft imaged the Christchurch region. The imaging was done at the request of the International Charter, Space and Major

Earthquakes in New Zealand

Earthquakes are one of those phenomenon that occur and immediately elicit sympathy and empathy from those watching on TV. But they seem like they’re a semi-irregular occurrence, taking place maybe twice a year. At least, that would appear to be the situation if we were directed solely by TV news. In New Zealand, earthquakes are

Australia Assists in NZ Quake Rescue

With the scale of just how hard and damaging the recent 6.3-magnitude quake quickly increasing with each hour that passes, with each revision of the dead and missing, Australia has increased the number of rescue experts they are sending in to help. Attorney-General Robert McClelland announced on Tuesday that Australia would be sending a total

Sudden Fish Kills, Bird Die-offs, and Other "Fortean" Events

Seems like you can’t swing a dead…um, strike that. It’s hard to miss the wave of news coverage of late concerning the mysterious die-offs of flocks of birds (in two Southern U.S. states). And then there’s that slightly earlier, mass fish kill (all one species), not far away, coming  just a short time before the

Money Does "Buy" Happiness, Up to A Point

According to a report that analyzed 450,000 responses from 151 nations, personal income is indeed related strongly to two categories of subjective experience:  “life evaluation” and “emotional well-being“…but only up to an annual income of 75, 000.00. Beyond that level, subjective reporting of emotional well-being and “positive affect” do not change. Researchers sought to quantify

Japan Considering Withdrawing from Whale Commission

One of the last countries on Earth to still hunt whales, Japan, is considering withdrawing from the International Whaling Commission. [social_buttons]Japanese Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Masahiko Yamada said Tuesday that, unless an international ban on commercial whaling is eased, Japan could withdraw from the IWC, the international body that regulates whaling. The IWC are

Rescue as Playful Dolphin Stops NZ Woman Swimming Ashore

[social_buttons] A New Zealand woman was rescued freezing and exhausted from the sea yesterday after a playful dolphin prevented her return to shore. Eyewitnesses at the town of Mahia noticed the woman was at sea with the dolphin, known locally as Moko, for some time late yesterday afternoon, before she began screaming for help. Speaking

Revealed: New Zealand Police Spied on Greenpeace, Other Groups for Nearly 10 Years

Rob Gilchrist, a former activist, had spied on 9 different peaceful environment and animal welfare groups over the past 10 years before his girlfriend discovered suspicious emails, New Zealand’s Sunday Star-Times reported in a 3,200-word expose today. [social_buttons] “Protests are part of a healthy democracy,” said Rochelle Rees, Gilchrist’s girlfriend. “The police are supposed to

Anti-Fart Shots for a Cleaner Environment?

Aw, c’mon, pull my finger! You’ve probably had that one pulled (pardon the pun) on you at least once in your life, and the old guy got a good laugh out of your response. It’s ok, old guys do strange things, I know. Well, this isn’t about old guys, but sheep, cattle, deer and goats,

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