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Will Oprah Ignite Significant Growth in National Park Tourism?

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful people in the world, just recently made her first trip to a national park< Yosemite National Park in California (as you’ve probably heard by now). The interesting thing is, being an African-American, it is not at all unusual that Oprah had never visited a national park until this

Greencast: National Security and Climate Change, Bicycling Politicians, New National Parks in Russia…

[youtube=] Here is this week’s “greencast” or screencast of great green news from around the internet (that we didn’t already cover). Enjoy the video above via YouTube or in high definition on screenr. By the way, if you happen to notice the sound of pedestrians, cyclists or streetcars in the background, it is because I

National Parks (10 Friday Photos)

In this week’s 10 Friday Photos post, enjoy great photos of 10 beautiful national parks. Since this week’s 7 Green Bloggers post was about top nature destinations and some of the bloggers chose national parks, I decided to make sure some of the photos in this post are of those national parks.

Favorite Nature Destinations (7 Green Bloggers)

Continuing on with our 7 Green Bloggers Series, this edition is on some top green bloggers’ favorite nature destinations. The specific question I asked: “What is your favorite nature destination? (Has to be someplace you’ve been. Can be anything from a national park to your backyard to ‘the ocean’.)” Nobody said their backyard, but I did get

Waterfall Pictures (10 Friday Photos Series)

In my opinion, here are 10 of the best waterfall pictures on the web. Have more? Include a link in the comments. [social_buttons] I think a critical part of care for the environment is experiencing the beauty of nature. Although doing so by looking at pictures on your computer screen may not be the best

Supreme Court: Citizens Can't Sue to Protect Federal Land

The United States Supreme Court ruled today that environmental groups do not have legal standing to sue against the logging or environmental destruction of federal land. [social_buttons] “Broad concerns shared by all citizens, like an interest in ‘good government’ or in the ‘health of the forests,’ are not sufficient to establish standing,” Justice Antonin Scalia

Florida Invasive Fish Problem "10 Times Worse Than the Python"

Florida’s Everglade’s National Park has faced an invasion from giant pythons that prey on nearly any animal, big and small. But according to park biologist Dave Hallac, the problems caused by the spread of pythons pale in comparison to the proliferation of exotic fish species in the Everglades. [social_buttons] Walking catfish, African jewelfish, and around

Scotland Permits Donald Trump to Build Resort on Protected Land

  Despite pleas from environmentalists and wildlife groups, the Scottish government has approved Donald Trump’s plans for a $1.5 billion golf resort along the Aberdeenshire coastline, an area previously designated as a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest.’ The government defends the decision by pointing to the hundreds of jobs the 2,000-acre facility will create amid

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