National Energy Board

Two Days Left To Comment

The Comment Period for BC’s Next Mega-sized Energy Project Ends June 11 Originally Published on the ECOreport  The National Energy Board (NEB) caught everyone by surprise. More than half of the “comment period” had passed by June 3, when someone from Voters Taking Action On Climate Change (VTACC) saw a notice on the British Columbia’s

Former BC Hydro CEO calls Pipeline Hearings a Public Deception

Originally published on the ECOreport Prior to becoming an intervenor in the Trans Mountain Pipeline Review, Marc Eliesen was the CEO of BC Hydro, former chair of Manitoba Hydro, a board member at Suncor and a deputy minister in seven federal and provincial governments. He offered the National Energy Board (NEB) the insights drawn from 40

Becoming 'Arctic Ready' – Report Urges Canada to Reform Drilling Laws

A new report by the Pew Environmental Group (PEG) asserts that Canada’s system of regulating and licensing offshore oil and gas drilling requires “major reforms” to create an “Arctic ready future”. The report identifies crucial gaps in the Canadian government’s licensing process and regulatory system and recommends an 11-step program of policy reforms. The timing couldn’t be better as Canada is currently in the process of approving its first deep water, oil and gas development project.

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