Weather And Climate — Similarities & Differences

Weather and climate are similar but different. For the most part, they are very distinct phenomena. Below, we talk about the weather first, and then delve into the climate. Weather We measure what’s going on in our atmosphere over a short period of time—usually in a particular place on a particular day—by assessing the weather. Could be

The Curvy Mountain Range Debate Rages On

  For me, as someone who covers environmental science daily, I have found that at times there are stories that don’t actually reveal anything monumental about our planet, but are nonetheless utterly fascinating. One such story is the debate revolving around the formation of curvy mountain ranges like the Appalachian range in Pennsylvania in the US

Help Keep a Virginia Mountain Standing and many Virginians are now fighting to save a Ison Rock Ridge Standing. Why would it come down? Well, have you heard of mountaintop removal coal mining? This week, “Virginians who live at the base of Ison Rock Ridge, a mountain threatened by a pending mountaintop removal permit, have been joined by hundreds from

Raindrops Reveal Wave of Mountainous Creation

Mountain creation has always been a heated topic of interest, and one that has relied on ancient data to provide answers to those hoping to understand the phenomenon that takes centuries and millennia to occur. Geochemists from Stanford University have used raindrops, or more precisely the isotopic residue of raindrops, to shed light on the

Glaciers Help Mountains Grow Taller

Glaciers in the colder climates of our planet have been helping the mountains grow taller, according to new research which contradicts previously held theories regarding the effect glaciers had on mountains. Before this study, scientists thought that any interaction between a mountain and a glacier resulted in what was dubbed the “glacial buzz saw” –

Then & Now Photos Show Melting of Himalayan Glaciers

Stunning then & now photos of the Himalayan Glaciers show the clear results of climate change in the “Third Pole.” Mountaineer, photographer, and filmmaker, David Breashears, has climbed the Himalayan Mountains 5 times in the last 3 years. Working on a documentary for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Breashears climbed the mountains and also brought

National Parks (10 Friday Photos)

In this week’s 10 Friday Photos post, enjoy great photos of 10 beautiful national parks. Since this week’s 7 Green Bloggers post was about top nature destinations and some of the bloggers chose national parks, I decided to make sure some of the photos in this post are of those national parks.

Favorite Nature Destinations (7 Green Bloggers)

Continuing on with our 7 Green Bloggers Series, this edition is on some top green bloggers’ favorite nature destinations. The specific question I asked: “What is your favorite nature destination? (Has to be someplace you’ve been. Can be anything from a national park to your backyard to ‘the ocean’.)” Nobody said their backyard, but I did get

Mountain and Lake Photos (10 Friday Photos)

[social_buttons] Enjoy this week’s 10 Friday Photos post with ten photos of beautiful mountain and lake combinations. Mountains and lakes are beautiful on their own and I’m sure we will have to do a post for mountain photos and lake photos individually, but this post captures the great beauty of the two combined. From Lake

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