Basic Physics Could Offer Simple Method To Model Climate

The world of climate modelling has to be a tricky one, to be sure. There can never be enough data to input and, to create models that are at all helpful you actually end up needing masses of data so large that it starts to boggle the mind. However, scientists from Brown University believe that

Robots Achieve Self-Awareness, May Also Develop 'Mental Problems'

Artificial intelligence has taken a big leap forward: two roboticists (Lipson and Zagal), working at the University of Chile, Santiago, have created what they claim is the first robot to possess “metacognition” — a form of self-awareness which involves the ability to observe ones’ own thought processes and thus alter one’s behavior accordingly.

Cloud Modelling Suggests Greater Global Warming

A new paper published in the Journal of Climate has shone the light on the inefficiency that currently exists in the modelling of clouds in climate models. The authors of the paper presented a new approach that will help in understanding the clouds role in and their response to global warming. “All the global climate

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