Modified Net Metering To Take Place In Mississippi

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Mississippi will become the 46th state to implement net metering for owners generating renewable electricity with solar panels or wind. However, the new policy comes with rate limitations that favor utilities. Briefly, net metering is the process by which individual utility customers who use solar panels or other renewable energy generators

727-Pound Alligator Killed in Mississippi

Dustin Bockman caught and killed a very large alligator over the weekend with some friends. He shot the thirteen foot creature with a bow and arrow, in Mississippi’s first statewide official alligator hunt. It was a record-setting catch, but this seems to be sort of a sad accomplishment, because the alligator did nothing to humans

Lee Continues to Drench Eastern US

Tropical Storm Lee’s remnants combined with a warm front along the US East Coast are bringing heavy rainfall from New England to the Appalachian Mountains, causing rivers to flood and residents to consider moving to higher ground.

Top 20 Planetsave Stories in May

Hello Planetsavers! I thought I’d start doing a monthly wrap-up of our top 20 posts for people to have a glance at. Many of the top stories this month, as you’ll notice, were clearly tied into major world news events. Google is the main traffic driver for the large majority of sites on the Internet and ours isn’t an exception. Covering environmental news consistently, this often results in the biggest news stories rising to the top.

Floodwaters to Increase Mexican Gulf Dead Zone

If you have visited Planet Save for any length of time you will no doubt have seen me talk about the increasing amount of ‘dead zones’ cropping up across our planets watery surface. In particular, the Gulf of Mexico is home to what is believed to be the largest dead zone in the world: an

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