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Draconid Meteor Shower Peaking On Night/Evening Of October 8, 2015

The, usually quite beautiful, Draconids meteor shower is now nearly upon us. The peak of this year’s Draconid meteor shower will be on the night of October 8, 2015 — though the night of October 9, 2015, should also make for a good experience as well. For those unfamiliar with the Draconids, a couple of

Meteor Shower Tonight — Lyrids Peak Tonight, April 22 2015

The Lyrids meteor shower will be reaching its peak tonight on April 22, 2015 (technically during the early morning hours of April 23, 2015). Considering that the Lyrid meteor shower is consistently one of the best of the year… Make you sure that you get out there tonight! Regardless of the exact time that you

Perseids Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight, On August 12 2014

The highly prolific Perseids meteor shower will be reaching its for peak for the year tonight, on August 12 2014 (early morning hours of August 13 2014). Peak activity is expected to be somewhere around 100 meteors an hour when seen from a dark rural location — so when you factor in the very bright

Double Feature: Delta Aquarids And Some Perseids Overhead This Week

Two meteor showers come out of the constellation Aquarius (the Water Bearer), nearest the dim star Delta Aquarii, this time of year: the southern and northern Delta Aquarids. The peak for the southern Delta Aquarids, which are starting Monday and Tuesday, is very gradual, so anytime this week should provide good viewing. The Southern Hemisphere

Meteor Shower Tonight — Camelopardalids Peak On May 23, 2014

A new, and possibly huge, meteor shower — the Camelopardalids — will be reaching its peak tonight (May 23, 2014) sometime right around 2-4am (EDT), for those of us in the continental US. To be clear, by “the night of”, I mean the very early morning hours of May 24, 2014. Current predictions are that

Camelopardalids Meteor Shower Peaks On May 23, 2014 (VIDEO)

A new, and possibly spectacular, meteor shower will be gracing the skies on the night of May 23, 2014 (early morning of May 24, 2014). Predictions are that the shower could reach a peak rate of anywhere between 100-1000 meteors an hour — the most sober assessments seem to be pointing towards 200 an hour

Lyrid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight, On April 21, 2014

The always beautiful Lyrid meteor shower will be reaching its peak for the year tonight in the late night hours of April 21, 2014, and/or the early morning hours of April 22, 2014. Get out and enjoy the show! 🙂 If you absolutely can’t make it out tonight, then tomorrow night should be pretty good

Lyrids Meteor Shower Peaks On April 22, 2014

One of the most beautiful (and consistent) meteor showers of the year, the Lyrids, is nearly here — with a peak right around April 21-22. So make a note in your calendar and get ready for what looks to be quite a good show this year! The Lyrid meteor shower will be peaking in the

Geminids Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight On December 13 2013

The Geminids meteor shower — regularly one of the most prolific meteor showers of the year — will be reaching its peak tonight, on December 13, 2013 (early morning hours of December 14, 2013). While the peak rate would typically occur sometime around 2 AM (local time), this year you might want to wait until

Leonids Meteor Shower Peaks Saturday November 16 2013

The Leonid meteor shower will be reaching its peak this Saturday night (early Sunday morning) on November 16, 2013. The typically prolific meteor shower is expected to reach a peak rate this year of about 10-20 meteors an hour — notably lower than during the years of meteor storms, but still a pretty good show.

Leonids 2013 — Leonids Meteor Shower Peaks November 16 2013

The Leonids meteor shower will be reaching its peak this year late night on November 16, 2013 (early morning November 17, 2013). The famous meteor shower, that appears to originate out of the constellation of Leo, is expected to reach a peak rate of around 10-20 meteors an hour this year — quite a bit

Orionids Meteor Shower Peaks Sunday Night, October 20 2013

The Orionid meteor shower will be reaching its peak only a couple of days from now — late on the night of Sunday October 20 2013 (early morning on Monday October 21 2013). The shower is already producing pretty well though, so if you want to head out tonight you might be able to see

Draconid Meteor Shower Peaks Monday Night — October 7 2013

The Draconids meteor shower is only a couple days off now — on Monday October 7, 2013, the sometimes prolific, but very unpredictable, meteor shower will be peaking, sometime shortly after nightfall. Though the absolute peak will be on Monday — Tuesday October 8, 2013, should also be a good night for meteor watching as

Perseids Meteor Shower Peaks On Monday August 12 2013

The Perseids meteor shower will be reaching its peak this weekend/early next week. The exact peak will be on Monday August 12 2013, in the very early morning, but any night this weekend should offer spectacular shows. Reports are that there seem to be a lot of fireballs this year, so make sure you get

Perseids Meteor Shower Peaks August 12 2013

The Perseid meteor shower — consistently one of the best mentor showers of the year — is nearly here. While peak of the prolific Perseids won’t be until August 12 2013, the meteor shower will offer a good show throughout most of early August — and overlaps with the tail-end of the Delta Aquarids. Something

Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks On July 29 2013

The Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower will be reaching its peak sometime in the early morning hours of July 29 2013 — the peak is a very gradual one for this mentor shower though, so the nights of July 27 – July 29 should all be of similar intensity. As always, the Delta Aquarids are a

Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower Peaks On Sunday May 5 2013

The Eta Aquarids meteor shower will be peaking next Sunday, May 5, 2013. The nights preceding and for a few days afterwards will also be good for watching. In fact, the Eta Aquarids have actually already begun, if you were to go out tonight you’d probably get a decent show (depending on the location). Those

Lyrids Meteor Shower Nearly Here, Peaking On April 22 2013

The annual Lyrids meteor shower is nearly here, beginning roughly around April 16th and visible until around April 26th. The peak will be occurring on April 22, 2013 (night of the 22nd/morning of the 23rd). The Lyrids, which appear to originate in the portion of the sky that features the constellation Lyra, are usually are

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