Megastorm Could Result In Californian Megaflood

Talk of flooding to an Australian these days and you’ll discover just how affected we all were by the 2010–2011 Queensland floods. Nearly forty people lost their lives and $30 billion AUD was racked up in damages. New geologic evidence should similarly concern residents of California according to an article in Scientific American entitled ‘California Megaflood:

Researchers Find Alaskan Megaflood Happened 17,000 Years Too Early

New research from the University of Washington indicates that one of the planet’s largest fresh-water megafloods happened some 17,000 years ago and inundated a large area of Alaska. [social_buttons]The comedic value of this story comes from the location of the megaflood, which flooded areas down what is now the Matanuska River in Alaska including Anchorage

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