Donald Trump Echoes Stalin, Holds Secret Meeting With Putin That Has “No Apparent Purpose” In Midst Of Investigation About Potential Putin–Trump Conspiracy To Cheat US Democracy

How anti-democratic, insane, and stupid do you have to be to be a Donald Trump (aka Don the Con) supporter? What has he done for the US public? Nothing. What has he done for the middle class? Nothing. What has he done for hard-working Americans? Nothing. Meanwhile, what has he done for himself? Well, he

Journalism for Tomorrow — NOT Fake News

I must admit that I am very biased in my daily intake of news. In the era of the internet I have the freedom to choose my own channels. Like this one. The radio is always on when I drive to work in the morning, but I usually only pay attention when there is information

Why Donald Trump Constantly Talks Crap About The Media

When Trump lies, the press tells the public. When The Donald says something stupid, the press explains why it’s so. For a serial liar and someone hugely uninformed and misinformed, it’s no surprise at all that he would hate the press and want to wage a war of words on it. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t

Lower Great Lakes Waterspouts Early This Summer

Great Lakes waterspouts (NOAA file photo of Lake Huron) Very common over the warm water in September, when water temperatures peak after summer months and cooler air temps start moving in, Great Lakes waterspouts are cropping up early this year because of odd cool weather this July. (We won’t mention possible climate change links here.) A waterspout

New "Tool for Action" from Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality Project, Cape Verde (UN in Cape Verde on Flickr/Climate Reality Project/Masakazu SHIBATA) Sometimes one website just doesn’t seem able to serve all the goals of a complex, multi-actor organization. The Climate Reality Project had this problem and just unveiled its chosen solution today. We recommend you check it out. With a global movement

New Climate Analysis Indicators Tool From WRI

If you’re looking for answers about greenhouse gas pollution and other climate indicators, you’ll get a quick step up from the Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (CAIT 2.0) produced by the World Resources Institute. (WRI is a global research organization founded in the early 80s that works closely with leaders “to turn big ideas into action

Informed Consumers?

Take your time making informed decisions. Wondering where to go to look for informed newsworthy news? Of course, keep visiting this site. Also, try the following: FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting), PR Watch, Politifact, Open Secrets, and Media Matters. That should get you started. If you’d like a print mag so you don’t always

Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed (again)

More on Fox News and their passionately misinformed legion of followers: From ThinkProgress: Fox News Viewers are the Most Misinformed: A Seventh Study Arrives to Prove It — and Vindicate Jon Stewart! From HuffingtonPost: Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don’t Watch Any News: Study From PlanetSave: Fox News Boss Ordered Staff to

USA Today: Climate Science Deniers are Like "Birthers"

The LA Times and Washington Post aren’t the only major media outlets that are starting to tear into the Republican party and other global warming deniers for their absolute rejection of science. USA Today, which I think has really turned things around in recent years and has some of the best climate change coverage of any major newspaper company, had an excellent editorial on the matter recently, one that compares climate science deniers to “birthers” (the folks who didn’t and maybe still don’t believe that Obama was born in the United States).

LA Times & Washington Post Slam Climate Change Inaction (of Republicans and Obama)

If you follow climate science news and communication closely, you know that the NYTimes and Washington Post blow the story often. But maybe all the criticism of that, more education on the matter, and an understanding of the true crisis has woken up the editorial board of the Washington Post. A recent op-ed is titled “Climate change denial becomes harder to justify” and starts with these lines…

This Icy World Showcases Greenlands Glaciers

Cambridge University has released another film in their ‘Cambridge Ideas’ series entitled ‘This Icy World’ shown below. The small film looks at the contribution of Greenland to global sea level change and the mapping of previous unkown basins and mountains beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Video The film showcases the work of glaciologist Professor Julian

Heavy Snow on the Korean Peninsula

In mid-February 2011, residents along South Korea’s east coast were struggling to dig out from the heaviest snowfall in more than a century. The BBC reported that hundreds of stranded motorists awaited rescue, and hundreds of homes had collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. The South Korean government had deployed 12,000 soldiers to assist

Noam Chomsky on Global Warming & the Media [VIDEO]

After sharing a great video of Bill Maher talking about climate change on Facebook last week, a good friend of mine dropped this video in the comments. Another great one. Chomsky delves into more than just this topic, though, he delves into the great failures of modern-day mass media, which are considerable. Worth a watch.

Snowy U.S. Panorama by Satellite

NASA has released images of North America covered by the massive winter storm that last week hit 30 states. The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) that cover the U.S. weather, GOES-11 and GOES-13 are operated by NOAA, and the NASA GOES Project at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. creates images and animations

Science Under Attack [VIDEOS] BBC had created a pretty great feature recently, Science Under Attack. “Nobel Prize winner Sir Paul Nurse examines why science appears to be under attack, and why public trust in key scientific theories has been eroded,” the YouTube page for the first video above says. Sir Paul Nurse, head of the Royal Society, a

The City Depicts World Without Us

The idea of a “world without us” has been often expressed over the past decade in book and TV, and now in photographed diorama, thanks to the exceptional work of Lori Nix. Lori Nix creates and then photographs diorama’s, and in this instance creates what has been described as a “haunting, sorrowful” series of images.

Global Weirding News of the Week

Since we had plenty of news last Friday and I was heading out of town, I decided to leave our weekly roundup of global weirding and environmental news (that we didn’t already cover) to Monday. Here’s the global weirding portion. Climate: Student Reporters Take on Climate Change and Security Coincidences abound—just after posting an item

AIDS News Coverage Losing Out to Climate Change, Study Finds

Remember AIDS awareness ads like the one above? Newspaper articles and PSAs were appearing with increasing frequency in newspapers and magazines in the early 1990’s. But that trend has been dramatically reversed, according to recent findings. In a survey of newspaper (broadsheet) content conducted by the Trends in Sustainability (TIS) Project, coverage of AIDS-related issues

False Conclusions Made Regarding Climate Change Messaging Study

Media sites around the web were buzzing last week about a study that supposedly found that scary doom-and-gloom talk about global warming was counterproductive. I had some concerns about this “finding” when I saw the headlines popping up and assumed this was probably a generalization we shouldn’t be making, that the study probably had significant

Climate Science Rapid Response Team Launched

There is so much manipulation of climate science in the media and by special interest groups or companies opposed to transformation of our energy, transportation, and agricultural systems that the American public are completely clueless or confused about the matter and the U.S. is close to last (if not last) in accepting and addressing climate

Survival International Wins Hollywood Film Award

I’ve written about Survival International’s activist efforts a couple times this year (see: Na’vi of Avatar in India Protesting British Mining of Sacred Indian Mountain and Amazon Being Sold to Foreign Oil Companies in Peru, Peruvian Indians Demanding Answers). This great organization is now going to receive an award from Hollywood for its activist efforts

Are Gulf Oil Plumes Still a Threat?

A National Geographic video looks at whether oil plumes within the Gulf of Mexico are still a threat. Over the course of the summer, scientists detected large plumes of oil droplets in the Gulf of Mexico, presumably from the BP oil spill that began in April. Are these plumes still a threat to the Gulf

BBC Has Covered Climate Change, No More Need…

Have you ever felt like US and British media are doing an extremely poor job of covering climate change. You know we have. A former BBC correspondent recently gave us a good insider’s perspective on why this is the case, as well as letting us know that it isn’t expected to get much better. Mark

Global Warming Discussion Tactics

Global warming is one of the key topics I write about, as most of you probably know. (By the way, expect a weekly global warming news wrap-up in a few hours). HOW to write about it is an issue I’m constantly thinking about. Three or four recent posts made me decide to not just think

Environmental Music Films

Like music? Like the environment? I was recently introduced to some excellent Environmental Music Films (EMFs) by Kristen Farquhar on YouTube that connect the two beautifully. Kristen writes that these EMFs are “meant to stir” people’s hearts and minds and are “about our human RELATIONSHIP (self, and other) with land, sea, and sky, and all

Mann is Off the Hook, So Let's Look at the Real Crime [Video of Mann]

Michael Mann, the somewhat infamous climate scientist from Penn State, shouldn’t be so infamous after all, we find out yet another time! “An academic inquiry into the so-called ‘climategate’ email scandal has concluded that a well-known U.S. scientist [Mann] did not directly or indirectly falsify data in his research,” according to Mike De Souza of

It's Time to Get Angry

It’s time to get angry. This is what John Kerry, not exactly the most extreme guy, is saying to us. Is it the best solution? This is what Kerry told advocates of climate legislation recently: “I want you to go out there and start knocking on doors and talking to people and telling people this

5 Ways Activists Have Used BitTorrent to Promote Their Cause

Activists have taken to Facebook and web 2.0, but relatively few have embraced the power of the torrent community. [social_buttons] While torrents are mostly known for spreading copyrighted content like movies, music, and software, many social and environmental activists have found the protocol to be a perfect match for their goal to spread information relating

Don't let ABC get away with it!

The We Campaign, a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection — a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Al Gore, recently put together a 30-second TV ad called “Repower America.”  It talks about the benefits of alternative energy. It says right upfront that we are “stuck with dirty and expensive energy” and asks how can

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