mass bird deaths

Bird Deaths Explained! USDA Killing Them

  We got tens of thousands of views last year on a few posts about mass bird deaths (mostly in Arkansas) and what possibly caused the deaths of these birds. There were many possible explanations. I read countless articles on the matter, and many more comments. While many ideas were put forward, none were definitive.

Mass Bird & Fish Deaths Due to Gay Marriage! Problem Solved [VIDEO]

Wow, no joke. Connecting the dots, the religious right solves this freak occurrence we were struggling with for weeks. Related Stories: 1. Mass Bird Deaths, Fish Deaths from Earth’s Magnetic Polar Shifts? 2. Mass Bird & Fish Deaths Caused by Hydraulic Fracking & Earthquakes? 3. ‘Pole Flips’, Earth Wobbles, Bird Deaths and ‘End Times’ [VIDEO]

Mass Bird and Fish Death Map

Somebody has gone through the trouble of mapping where numerous bird and fish deaths (as well as some other animal deaths) have been occurring in recent weeks (screenshot above). Check it out here: Mass Animals Deaths.

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