marine biology

Escape from Climate Change Similar for Land and Sea Life

How fast do animal and plant populations on land have to travel to stay ahead of climate change and remain in the climates they prefer? And how fast is it for plant and animal populations in the oceans? Despite differences in overall warming, the answer, is about the same. “That average rates of environmental change

Study to Focus on Effects of Shipping Containers Lost at Sea

Container ships are increasing in size yet the technology that keeps those massive containers strapped down is not. Unsurprisingly, given this, the number of containers lost over the side of these massive ships is increasing each year. But it’s a mostly hidden problem, one that is barely acknowledged by the authorities. Each year, an estimated

Are Octopuses Psychic? No, but They Are Darned Clever [VIDEO]

When it comes to highly intelligent sea creatures, dolphins, whales tend to get most of the cerebral credit. But the “lowly” octopus—a popular dish in many Mediterranean cuisines—may be one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea, and is the only invertebrate (animals lacking bones) that has been conclusively shown to use tools…Possessing both a short and longer-term memory capacity, octopuses exhibit a wide range of fascinating behaviors, many of which have led some scientists to describe them as “highly intelligent”.

Freed Dolphin Attacked by Sharks, Then Euthanized

Dunham the bottlenose dolphin was attacked by sharks and euthanized this Tuesday just 3 hours after being released from Florida’s Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Experts nearby monitoring the dolphin said he was attacked by at least two different sharks, and that the wounds were life-threatening. They euthanized him immediately upon arriving at the scene.

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