lunar eclipse

Blood Moon Wednesday AM Preps Earth for Halloween

This year, nature brings us a special pre-Halloween treat: a blood moon. In the US and Canada, lift your eyes skyward in the early hours tomorrow morning for the second total lunar eclipse of 2014. The Moon veiled slowly red and back the first time this year in April. Just over 5% larger than that phenomenon, Wednesday

Lunar Eclipse On Thursday April 25 2013

A partial lunar eclipse will be occurring on Thursday April 25th, right around 20:00 UT. The lunar eclipse, the first of the year, will be highly visible to observers in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia. The eclipse will not be visible from North America at all. When it’s said that the eclipse is a partial

Lunar Eclipse 2011 & Solar Eclipse Photos & Videos

We had a total lunar eclipse occurring yesterday, a 100-minute eclipse that was the darkest of the century, and photos and videos of it have already started popping up on the internet. I’ve decided to compile a number of these photos and some of solar eclipses as well for your viewing pleasure.

Could Our Lunar Eclipse Shed Light on Climate Change?

Over our history eclipses have been the portent of the gods wrath, new things to come, or simply a pretty light show. But would you have expected our last lunar eclipse to have been of any help to researchers looking at climate change? Researchers at the University of Colorado in Boulder, US, found that Earth’s

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