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Paris Smog Can Take Cars Off The Streets

Travelers cherish the city of Paris for the charm of its luxurious springtime, but maybe not this year. Since last Wednesday, air pollution in Paris and 22 suburbs has topped the safe limit for PM10 particulates (80 mg/cubic meter). The Paris smog readings hit 180 mg on Friday, more than twice the accepted safe limit. This

Los Angeles Council Unanimously Puts Off Fracking

When the hydraulic fracturing measure passed the Los Angeles City Council today, several tweeters posted photos of this meeting (source of the above: Walker Foley on twitter). The City Council of Los Angeles, second-most populous metro in the United States, voted 10-0 today to prohibit hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and other “unconventional” deep-underground drilling methods to produce

How Clean Is Your Electricity? Ask The EPA

If you’ve ever wondered about the composition of the electricity delivered to your home (most of us have no clue), there’s one quick and easy way to find out. The EPA’s ‘Power Profiler’ tool has apparently been around for at least 2 years, but I only discovered it recently. Although the data used to generate

Top 50 Solar Energy Stories Of 2013 (So Far): Part 2 (#2–21)

We’re trying to get more solar energy stories going here on Planetsave. To catch readers up, I’m doing a short series on the top 50 solar energy stories of 2013 so far. Learning from the Top 33 EV Stories article I recently published, I’m splitting this one into 5 posts. Otherwise, the page would take forever to load.

Geo-Engineers Without Orders – Lack of Rules Could Mean More Rogue Experimenters

  Last July, American businessman and “rogue geoengineer” Russ George undertook an ambitious iron-fertilization experiment in the waters off the western coast of Canada. The officially-unapproved-but-not-technically-illegal experiment in geoengineering sought to trigger a massive bloom of CO2-loving plankton (which it did) and which would in turn buttress the local food chain and (consequently) the declining salmon population (a source

Los Angeles Returns Street to People

  There is nothing pleasant about a huge road full of cars. No one finds such a place enjoyable except, perhaps, someone in love with traffic or weaving in and out of traffic or some traffic engineers (but even most of them probably don’t love it). Have you ever stood on the side of a

Ancient Lake Linked to San Andreas Earthquakes

Southern California’s Salton Sea may be one of many factors involved in setting off earthquakes in the region, specifically along the southern San Andreas Fault, and may in fact have already triggered large earthquakes over the past thousand years.

Could Los Angeles be Solar-Powered?

On the same day that the catastrophic 9.0 earthquake hit Japan, March 11, UCLA’s Luskin Center for Innovation announced the publication of its “Los Angeles Solar Atlas.” Needless to say, it didn’t get much attention at that time. But it is a very useful and interesting publication, so I thought I’d share some of its key aspects and findings with you today.

"World's Oldest Cyclist" Rides His Bike Nearly Everyday at 103

Most people would be lucky to live to 103. And even luckier to be able to ride a bike at that age. But, actually, riding a bike regularly would increase your chances of both things, since it is good for your health and extends your life expectancy.

103-year-old Octavio Orduño would recommend it. He is perhaps the oldest living cyclist and still loves cruising along on his tricycle (well, it would be a bicycle if his wife hadn’t insisted he switch)….

Millions of Dead Fish Found at Redondo Beach Harbor [Pictures & Video]

While marine biologists are working to explain the millions of fish that washed up dead in the Los Angeles area at the King Harbor Basins on Tuesday, Redondo Beach officials are already stating that initial assessments suggest oxygen depletion is the cause of the massive amount of dead fish. According to the Los Angeles Times: City Manager Bill Workman said

An In-Depth Look at EMFs

I love the work of Kristen Farquhar and feature her Environmental Music Films here on Planetsave whenever a new on comes out. Recently, she got invited to have her films screened at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. So, in honor of that, beyond just featuring one of her films, here is much more

Green Living Stories of the Last Week (or So)

OK, one more wrap-up this week. And perhaps our last weekly wrap-up, period. As I am thinking I will switch to daily wrap-ups instead. (Let me know if you have any objection.) As the title says, this wrap-up is of good or cool green living stories. Biking Biking is one of the greenest things you

Cowboys Stadium 5th Greenest Stadium in U.S. (Top Ten List)

Ranking U.S. stadiums according to “the depth and breadth” of their green initiatives, national home solar company SunRun recently came up with a top 10 list of the greenest stadiums. Cowboys Stadium, where the Super Bowl is about to be played, came in at number 5. From the planning stages, when the Dallas Cowboys intended

High Carcinogenic Chromium Levels Found in Many Cities' Tap Water

(Yet another environmental toxin in unacceptably high concentrations….) An analysis of 35 U.S. cities’ tap water has found that 31 one of these water sources contain exceedingly high levels of hexavalent chromium, a known carcinogen.The study is the first of its kind ever to be released to the public and comes, fortuitously, as the EPA

High Risk of Tsunami in Los Angeles and Istanbul

A team of geologists who studied the Haiti earthquake that struck on the 12th of January and caused a series of destructive tsunamis suggest that the risk of similar events taking place in places such as Kingston (Jamaica), Istanbul (Turkey) and Los Angeles is much higher than currently thought. These cities lie near the coast

Group Removes Deadly Fishing Net from Sunken Ship

Scuba divers with the Ocean Protection Alliance have removed nearly all of an enormous “ghost net” off the coast of Southern California. The net had been killing sea lions, dolphins, sharks, and fish since a trawler sunk in 2006, as evidenced by the bones and carcasses on the ocean floor. [social_buttons] “Once you start cutting,

Palin Tells Schwarzenegger to Veto Bill Aimed at Port Pollution

Just a day before being picked as the GOP vice president, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin wrote a letter to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger urging him to shoot down a groundbreaking pollution-reduction effort aimed at cargo containers: she asked the Governator not to sign a bill that would impose heavy fees on ships entering the ports

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