3 Musketeers Working To Save African Wildlife

It’s a true crime what poachers are doing to endangered wildlife in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. And it is driven by irrational demand for animal products that don’t actually help people in any way. It’s a sad story. In order to help spread awareness and increase action to stop this, Jan Schnell has made the

Congressman Ate Lion Meat

In a recent interview, Representative Paul Broun, a Republican from Georgia, said he has eaten lion meat. Several years ago he traveled to Zimbabwe and shot a lion to death. Not wanting to waste anything, he said he ate the meat. He has shot and killed other animals as well, including a warthog, which he

Two Lion Cubs Playing with a Puppy

Sorry, too cute not to share! 😀 At the very beginning of the video, of course, it looks like some cruel punks are letting a couple of lion cubs maul a dog. But, as you soon see, they are friends. As with other odd animal friendships like this, these animals were raised together. Goes to

Lions Could Be Extinct in 10-15 Years!

Lions, these wonderful big cats — I think there isn’t anybody who has ever avoided their charm — could be extinct in just 15 years. Even though they are dangerous, they are lovable, too. But, unfortunately, there’s some really bad news: their numbers have been shrinking tremendously over the last 50 years! While, in 1960, there were a healthy 450,000 lions in wild, in 2010, were only 20,000! If that trend continued, lions would become extinct in just just over 10 years.

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