Scientists Create First 'Nano-Ear' to Listen in on Sounds of Cells

It’s a marvelous piece of nanotech innovation using gold nano-particles and an existing technology known as “optical tweezers” and it will enable scientists to eavesdrop on the private lives of bacterial cells, and even viruses, as they move about and replicate. The so-called “nano-ear” is actually an intricate system of lasers and gold nano-particles (note:

Quantum Breakthrough: Tiny Optical Device Slows Light

The speed of Light, denoted as ‘c’ in physics equations like Einstein’s famous E=mc², is approximately 186,282 miles per second, which equals over 6 trillion miles traveled in one year (i.e., one light year). It represents the limiting speed at which “information” may by transmitted. Being able to manipulate this speed may hold the key

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