Jellyfish Populations on the Rise in Coastal Ecosystems

  Jellyfish populations are growing in the majority of the world’s coastal ecosystems, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia. In the study, the researchers examined data on numerous species of jellyfish from forty-five of the worlds sixty-six “Large Marine Ecosystems.” There was an increase of jellyfish in sixty-two percent of

Ocean Health Data May Be Flawed – New Analysis Sparks Debate

A recent analysis of catch data calls into question the accuracy of previous surveys of marine ecosystem health. Without accurate data, environmental policy makers may be unable to determine if current reforms to fisheries management are working, and further, if their picture of our oceans’ health is even roughly accurate. The new analysis was conducted

World's Marine Plankton in Peril – 40% Decline Since 1950

Phytoplankton–tiny, marine plants that formthe basis of our oceans’ food chain–absorb and sequester large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere and generate half of the world’s oxygen supply. Given such an important ecosystem service as this, one would hope that our oceans’ algae numbers stay high…but, the results of a three year data analysis are anything but encouraging.

Scientists Borrow Glowing Jellyfish Gene for Brain Research and Win Nobel

Two Americans, and one Japanese scientist, (Martin Chalfie, Roger Tsien and Osamu Shimomura) recently won a share of the Chemistry Nobel Prize for “borrowing” the glowing jellyfish trait and putting it to use. [social_buttons] Well, we’re at it again, “borrowing” the magical and bizarre wonders offered up by the natural world, and using these wonders

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