japan whaling

Tsunami Relief Should Go to People, Not Whaling (Take Action!)

  If you haven’t run across this news yet, it’s pretty disheartening… a lot of disaster relief funds given to Japan to help it recover from the terrible tsunami and nuclear disasters that slammed it in March are reportedly being used to support the country’s whaling operations, something which is, by all practical standards, illegal.

Whale Wars' Paul Watson Video Interview — "Arrest Me or Shut Up" (& Calls Greenpeace Activists Cowards)

From his earlier days at Greenpeace to his current efforts with the show “Whale Wars” in Libyan waters, Paul Watson has focused on direct action that not only attracts eyes but gets results. In this short interview with NYTimes’ Andy Revkin, Watson speaks about his strategy compared to current-day Greenpeace’s — intervening in illegal whaling, not protesting it (and doesn’t refrain from calling Greenpeace activists cowards!).

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