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myRose – Can A Mobile App Bring Us Back to the Green?

In this age of relentless urbanization and technological advancements, the following statement often rings true: one small step for man – one giant leap backward for the environment. Today, forests are quickly being replaced by shopping malls, and ecosystems are being replaced by social networks. So it might seem a bit ironic that our mobile

iPhone Apps Promoting Green Living

In today’s world it isn’t easy to balance our love of technology with the protection of our planet. So many companies that create these conveniences are contributing to environmental issues, whether it is through their use of resources, factory conditions, conflict in other countries where materials are gathered, or just the fact that the products

Fragile Earth App (Just in Time for Earth Day!)

  Collins and Aimer Media have just released the Fragile Earth app, available from the iTunes app store. Coincidentally, it was released just before Earth Day! The app works with all devices compatible with ioS4.2 and above, and it has been optimized for the new iPad. Here’s a video on the app followed by more

Cool Must-Have Pet App for iPhone or Android

This post brought to you by Triad Retail Media. All opinions are 100% mine.   I don’t have a pet, but I have in the past and I care greatly about animals. (Have you noticed?) It’s amazing how much technology has changed in recent years and what kind of possibilities there are now — much

BEST Global Warming iPhone & iPad App — Just Science

  If you’re not familiar with the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study, here’s the quick summary: A ‘global warming skeptic’ who was convinced, somehow, that climate scientists who had been studying global temperatures for the last several decades hadn’t done a careful enough job. He, Dr. Richard Muller, got together a team of top statisticians and

The Rideshare Revolution

    Just as Napster transformed the music world, technology is now poised to revolutionize how we travel   By Jef Cozza We’re often reminded that there is nothing new under the sun. While that may be true, technological advances have the potential to transform old practices so completely as to revolutionize the way we

3 Affordable iPhone Apps for the Gardener on a Budget

There is no way to be a casual gardener. Once you begin you become obsessed, and with good reason. The process of gardening is incredibly cathartic and calming. It eases stress, boosts energy, is good for the body and can help clear the mind. The end results are often beneficial, whether in the look of a flower bed and the sweet smell of its blooms, or the use of vegetables and herbs in your daily cooking. Is it any wonder it is such a popular pass time even in the modern age?

10 Climate Science Apps for the iPhone & iPad

The crew over at Climate Central has just come up with a top 10 list of iPhone and iPad climate science and weather apps. I’ve seen and written about a few of these in the past, but not all of them. While I don’t have an iPhone or iPad to make use of these, hopefully

Climate Counts' Striding Shoppers Campaign

Climate Counts has a Striding Shoppers Campaign going that is clearly worth a shout out. The company does extensive analyses of many of the world’s biggest companies to see how they are dealing with climate change and then creates scores (from 0-100) for them that consumers can use to help them in their shopping choices.

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