Politics Affect Perception of Warm Weather Causes

In a country where to believe or disbelieve in the reality of global warming is almost a political necessity, it is unsurprising that Gallup recently found that Republicans and Democrats are more likely to disagree on just why the most recent winter was warmer than expected. Based on telephone interviews conducted across the weekend of

Interview with Zachary Shahan, Planetsave Editor

As you may know (or may not), I have been the editor of Planetsave for a few months now. I also write for several other sites on green living, the environment, clean energy, politics, food, and more. A friend of mine (who I met not long ago from working in this job) decided recently that

The Lindberg Report Podcast: An Interview with Shirley Siluk Gregory

Ed: We’re very excited to bring The Lindberg Report into the content mix at Planetsave! Each week, our “master podcaster” Max Lindberg will provide you with a snapshot of what’s happening in the Green Options Media blog network. You’ll hear the voices of our writing team, and get Max’s insight on some of the interesting

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