New 'Sustainability Index' Alters World Order – U.S. Ranks Low

The UN’s Human Development Index (HDI) is an international “score card” which ascribes each national measured a single number (or ranking) that is an average of multiple metrics reflecting national policies and societal conditions such as education rate, employment, social security, life expectancy, literacy, gender equality, cultural development, innovation, economic mobility, etc. The HDI rankings

Clean Tech Patents Skyrocketing Under Obama Administration

One of the best things our society can do to address the many environmental challenges we are facing is switch to a low-carbon or clean tech economy. But part of doing so means innovation and improvement of clean technologies. The good news is that the Obama administration gets this and has been doing a lot

Experts Gather to Help African Farmers

Over 700 agriculture experts are meeting in Burkina Faso this coming week to discuss how to accelerate innovation for African farmers. They will meet at the 5th African Agriculture Science week and General Assembly of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, or FARA, in an effort to increase investments in agricultural research and speed

Schools of Fish Powering Wind Energy Innovation

Schooling fish and their interaction with one another has inspired a Caltech professor to rethink how wind energy can be created. [social_buttons]Head of Caltech’s Biological Propulsion Laboratory John Dabiri and two of his graduate students have turned to schools of fish to further our knowledge of how wind turbines work best and how to combat

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