Hurricane Sandy

UCS Examines Climate Change From Sea To Shining Sea

More imminent than deadly viruses or terrorists at national events is the phenomenon of climate change, a force examined in a groundbreaking new report released today by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Titled National Landmarks at Risk: How Rising Seas, Floods and Wildfires are Threatening the United States’ Most Cherished Historic Sites, the study examines

US Coastal Populations Growing, At Risk of Extreme Weather

Nearly 40% of the US population is concentrated in counties directly on the shoreline, according to a new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with input from the US Census Bureau. On top of that, US coastal populations are set to grow from 123 million people as it stands today, to 134 million

Climate Change Impacting Health, Safety And Economy of US Coasts

A new report authored by leading scientists and experts explains that the effects of climate change are going to continue threatening the health of coastal communities throughout the United States. The report emphasises the need for increased coordination and planning to protect US coastal communities in the face of a continually changing climate. “[Hurricane] Sandy

Storm Surge Defense Alternatives in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

After covering environmental research and science for the past 7 years I’ve come to believe that there needs to be more focus shone on a holistic response to environmental crises. In the wake of the flooding caused by Superstorm Sandy, Governor Andrew Cuomo and other officials called for the building of storm surge barriers to protect

Introducing Hurricane Sandy to the Internet

For what may be the first time in history, a climate disaster has hit a populated area with enough advance warning that the Internet was able to quickly kick into gear and prepare: everything from Twitter-hashtags to Google Docs peppered the Internet in preparation of the big storm.

The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Monday night saw Hurricane Sandy make landfall in New Jersey after days of heavy rains and slow progress up the Mid-Atlantic. While not as horrific as past hurricanes — owing to the intricate workings of what makes a storm a hurricane and what makes a hurricane a storm — Hurricane Sandy has left millions reeling

Hurricane Sandy: Frankenstorm Intensifies And Heads Landward

  Since we last reported on Hurricane Sandy last week the storm has only intensified and the US East Coast is preparing for massive flooding and a massive damage bill. Saturday NASA reported on Saturday that Sandy was merging with a cold front and “creating a monster storm with a massive reach.” They believe that

Hurricane Sandy Gaining Power As It Moves Landward

  NASA satellites have been monitoring Hurricane Sandy for a a few days now, and as time goes on the storm just seems to get bigger, as seen in the image below. Early on October 25, NASA’s Aqua satellite passed over Hurricane Sandy, allowing the AIRS instrument on board to capture an infrared image of

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