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How Does Solar Impact my Property Value?

Will adding solar to your property save you money monthly, and will it increase the resale value of your house? It’s important to dig into the details about how much you might expect to see as added property value for using solar panels. There are so many benefits of solar power at home. The most important

Free Home Solar Installation

Originally published on Home Solar PV. Seen an advertisement recently promoting “free solar installation” or “free solar panels” for your home? Figured it was probably some kind of shady deal with lots of catches involved? Perhaps, and you’re smart to investigate further. But don’t necessarily write those claims off, either: the offer of “free solar

Home Solar Is Your Clean, Quiet Power Plant

Originally published on Home Solar PV. You can be forgiven for not wanting to live next door to a traditional power plant. They’re big, noisy, and smelly, and even with the most modern of pollution controls, you probably still don’t want your family breathing whatever’s coming out of them. When it comes to coal or

Reduce Electric Bills For Decades With Renewable Energy

Originally published on Cost of Solar. If you’d like to reduce your electricity bill, it can pay to do a full energy and efficiency audit of your home, and to then take action on some of the lower-hanging fruit of efficiency measures, such as adding better insulation, installing a smarter thermostat, switching to LED lighting,

Residential Solar PV Prices Keep Dropping In US

Originally published on Solar Love. The SEIA/GTM Research US Solar Market Insight™ report for the 3rd quarter was released today. Over on CleanTechnica, Josh covered the continued growth of the US solar power market. In this article, I want to quickly run down the pricing side of things. The short story is that solar prices continue

Your Chance To Win A Solar Power System!

It’s the holiday season, and the promotions and deals for products of all sorts are on the rise. Many of them are for extraneous products that, frankly, create more harm than good. But you can also find some for truly useful, consumer- and planet-friendly products. One of the top such products out there is a solar

US Home Solar Approaching 1 Gigawatt

Solar market research firm NPD Solarbuzz has stated that it expects the US home solar market to reach 1 gigawatt in early 2015. At least through the end of 2016, when the solar investment tax credit (ITC) is set to expire, Solarbuzz sees strong growth in the US home solar market. Until then home solar demand

Solar Panels Can Save You Both Energy and Money

  Today, more and more home owners are becoming increasingly energy conscious. Stories about climate change have been over the news for the past decades, and there are many changes from large to small that you, as a home owner, would be able to make that can not only ensure you home is more green,

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