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Space News Round-up: Magnetic Bubbles, Mega Blasts, Missing Mass & Mucho 'Rogue' Planets {VIDEO}

Over the past several weeks, a flurry of intriguing and surprising outer space-related discoveries have been made, ones that warrant a recap for those who may have missed them. I have selected four of the more fascinating ones, plus one related, really cool piece with a video, and they are: 1] Magnetic Bubbles Discovered at the Edge of Our Solar System, 2] Biggest Blast Ever Seen In Our Universe, 3] Aussie Grad Student Finds Missing Mass in Galaxies, 4] ‘Rogue’ Planets, More Plentiful than Stars, May Be Roaming the Galaxy, and 5] (An extra-special space goody:) A Supernova Sonata – Turning Exploding Stars into Music

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