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Monthly Heat Records Have Increased By A Factor Of Five

That temperature records are being broken at an all-time high is probably not ground breaking news to anyone who has been paying a modicum of attention to the news lately. However the rate at which we have been breaking records is frighteningly distressing. According to new research, monthly temperature extremes have become much more frequent,

113° — Hottest US April Temperature on Record (in Death Valley)

All-time heat records for the month of April were set at 56 stations April 21 – 23, including at seven major cities. Image taken from wunderground’s new extremes page. Yeah, I don’t think they call it “Death Valley” for nothing, and it certainly isn’t called “global warming” for nothing.  The world is getting hotter and

7 All-Time National Heat Records Set in 2011

  … and just 1 cold record. As the image below, from Ilissa Ocko of Princeton University, shows, the 7 nations (and 1 territory) that set heat records in 2011 were: Kuwait Iraq Iran China Armenia Zambia Republic of Congo The French Southern and Antarctic Lands Territory Here’s more from Dr. Jeff Masters on Wunderblog (h/t Climate Progress): The

Temperature Extremes Projected To Worsen

Scientists estimate that within the next decade or so extremely hot temperatures will occur every Summer in regions that only occasionally experience extreme temperatures. Warming of the planet is occurring globally…

Heat Records: Nearly 3,000 Set in U.S. This Week (Extreme Heat Kills at Least 8)

Think it’s hot? Well, it is! Cities all across the U.S. have shattered heat records this week. (Don’t forget, though, don’t try to connect them to climate change or global warming!) Of course, its worth knowing, the hottest summers these days will be comparable to the coolest summers in 2050 if we don’t do something about climate change FAST.

“The fossil-fueled heat wave blazing across the United States east of the Rockies has killed at least eight people, knocked out power from Detroit to Connecticut, and set 1,859 high-temperature and 993 high-minimum-temperature records this week.”

Global Weirding News of the Week

It’s been a little more than a week since my last Global Weirding News of the Week update, but better late than never… This one is an especially long update, since a lot has been going on. Hope you find the news stories below interesting and useful. North Carolina Got Its 2nd 500-Year Rainfall in

Fourth Warmest US Summer Just Passed

The continental United States of America has just experienced the fourth-warmest summer on record according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. According to the latest NOAA State of the Climate report, the summer just passed (June to August) was the fourth warmest on record since record keeping began back in 1895. The report also

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