‘Kombit’ Documents the Struggle to Reforest Haiti (Film Review)

We were recently treated to a preview screening of the film “Kombit” which unpacks the work being done by way of a partnership between the non-profit “Smallholder Farmers Alliance” and the Timberland company in Haiti. Haiti has a major issue with deforestation with over 98% of the nation stripped of trees as a direct result of

High Risk of Tsunami in Los Angeles and Istanbul

A team of geologists who studied the Haiti earthquake that struck on the 12th of January and caused a series of destructive tsunamis suggest that the risk of similar events taking place in places such as Kingston (Jamaica), Istanbul (Turkey) and Los Angeles is much higher than currently thought. These cities lie near the coast

Help Create a Documentary on Haiti and Its Long-Term Food Crisis

http://vimeo.com/13301985 Important activist opportunity to help make a film about Haiti that goes deep into the country’s history, culture, and food insecurity issues. Haiti was on people’s map after the horrible earthquake it suffered recently, and then… quickly off it. Perhaps a much bigger issue for Haiti than this recent earthquake, however, is a food

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