Gulf Oil Spill

Wake Up, America. You're Being Lied To [VIDEO]

The effects of the BP oil spill are still all over many Gulf beaches. One Alabama resident walks us through what is still covering the beaches there, and is as far deep in the sand as he has tried digging. A national wildlife refuge in the area is still covered in oil, with seemingly contradictory

Gulf Oil Spill Updates

Heard much about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico lately? Probably not… once the caps were in place on the well, the media largely moved on to other stories. Even the current slew of political advertising doesn’t seem to try to make much hay out of the US’ largest environmental disaster. But

Oil Spill Condoms

A variety of oil spill condoms, political condoms, or endangered species condoms are available for folks practicing safe sex these days. Want to help the Gulf of Mexico while also having safe sex? Exactly what you’ve been thinking about lately, right? Well, now you can! Practice Safe Policy has started selling Oil Spill Condoms. 20% of

Mercy for the Gulf

“MERCY” just released by multi-platinum recording artist Pauli Carman “Champaign” to benefit restoration/preservation from BP Gulf disaster. We got a sneak peak of Pauli Carman’s new single geared at helping oil spill clean-up efforts in the Gulf of Mexico last month, a beautiful cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy Me”, and posted about it twice

Near Miss For a Second Oil Disaster in Alaska

While the media focused on coverage of the Gulf Coast oil disaster, few were aware that Alaska could have had another oil travesty on their hands. It’s not getting a whole lot of press coverage, and with what’s happening in the Northern Gulf off the shore of Louisiana, I guess we can’t be surprised. Lack

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