Earth's Atmospheric 'Heartbeat' Detected in Space for First Time [VIDEO]

Orbiting our planet at altitudes between 250-to-500 miles (400–to-800 km), the C/NOFS satellite* has detected special resonating waves of electromagnetic energy — generated by lightning flashes in the Earth’s atmosphere — for the first time. These waves are known as Schumann resonances and they propagate around the earth at very low frequencies (as low as

NASA Successfully Launches 'Next Gen' Climate Satellite [VIDEOS]

At 2:48 am (PDT) this morning, NASA successfully launched the NPP space craft into orbit. ‘NPP’ stands for ‘NPOESS Preparatory Project’* and the mission is the first in a series of “next generation”, polar-orbiting, research satellites poised to replaced a group of active, but aging, earth observing satellites, collectively known as the Earth Observing System

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