grizzly bears

Good News, But Yellowstone Grizzlies Aren't Out of the Woods Yet

Grizzly bears and the many people working to protect them received great news recently: Last week, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals gave its long-awaited ruling on whether the Yellowstone grizzly bear should lose federal Endangered Species Act protection (ESA). Thankfully, the 9th Circuit ruled in favor of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, agreeing that

Groups Ask eBay to Ban Auctions of Guided Trophy Hunts

The Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Big Wildlife, and the Alaska Wildlife Alliance have asked eBay to stop the sale of guided trophy hunts for top predators like bears, wolves, cougars, and wolverines. [social_buttons] While most guided hunts currently listed on eBay are for animals like deer, elk, and geese, some auctions for predators are available, including

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