Thank HP for Its Climate Action (Green Watching Update)

Here’s a call to action you don’t often see. It’s not about a non-green company and asking the company to clean up its act, but it’s about thanking an electronics giant, Hewlett-Packard (HP), for being a green leader. Green Watching campaign is teaming up with’s Green Your School Challenge this week to get teens across the country

Don't Let Greenwashing Fool You, Join New "Green Watching" Campaign

Earth Day is right around the corner. And us green bloggers know what that means… tons of greenwashing, ridiculous offers and pitches from non-green companies trying to pretend they are green, millions of dollars spent on “green” marketing and advertising (but not necessarily on greening our goods), and, oh yeah, some awareness-raising around important environmental

Green Business Blog Carnival #14

The Green Business Blog Carnival comes to Planetsave! Following up on Green Business Blog Carnival post #13, an excellent summary of green business news on Sustainablog (one of the Carnival’s co-founding sites), here’s the next edition of the Carnival for your surfing, reading, or eating pleasure (ok, nothing to eat here, sorry). The big business

Greenpeace Gives BP First Annual Greenwashing Award [Video]

BP, which has attempted to rebrand itself as “Beyond Petroleum” in recent years, was awarded Greenpeace’s first annual Emerald Paintbrush award for their attempts at greenwashed advertising campaigns in 2008. [social_buttons] To no one’s surprise, when two activists showed up to BP’s UK headquarters with green paintbrush in hand, they were quickly escorted out of

Why James Bond Would Drink Motor Oil Before Drinking Coke

The first time I saw the James Bond Coca-Cola ad, I didn’t think much about it. But now it turns my spit to bile. [social_buttons] It’s disgustingly ironic that the owners of the James Bond series would advertise Coke with a film about (spoiler alert) a greenwashing corporation stealing water from the third world. Because

Is a California Statewide Ban On Clear Cutting Possible?

Let’s Implement a Clear Cut Ban! Encouraged by reading about heroes who have taken direct action through non-violent resistance, I recently contacted the California’s North Coast chapter of Earth First! to volunteer my services.  You can imagine my surprise when they explained to me that their top foe, the Maxxam Company, was recently taken over

Updated: MTV Taps Online Video To Kill Greenwashing

What happens when corporations stop greenwashing…and start being real? MTV wants to find out. The NYC-based network just launched a global marketing push to tackle climate change with TV ads attacking those guilty of greenwashing. All of this is part of their youth-targeted climate change initiative called MTV Switch. The launch includes not only TV

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