BBOP | Jazzing Up Business' Impact On Biodiversity

The Business and Biodiversity Offset Program has left me torn: is this a genuine attempt to preserve biodiversity, or just another exercise in corporate greenwashing? [social_buttons]The Business and Biodiversity Offset Program is a work in progress.  Its name includes that reviled word “offset”, a red flag for many deep greens. However, unlike the dreaded carbon

Is a California Statewide Ban On Clear Cutting Possible?

Let’s Implement a Clear Cut Ban! Encouraged by reading about heroes who have taken direct action through non-violent resistance, I recently contacted the California’s North Coast chapter of Earth First! to volunteer my services.  You can imagine my surprise when they explained to me that their top foe, the Maxxam Company, was recently taken over

Nestle Waters CEO Whines, But Still Doesn't Walk The Walk

In a recent Businessweek article, Kim Jeffery the CEO of Nestlé Water North America, makers of Poland Spring waters, whines (yes, whines) that they are misunderstood and not given the credit they deserve.  Clearly he thinks all the charges of greenwash are unfair. But, are they? The article tells of all the environmentally preferable things

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